Weekend Recap

Happy Monday morning, friends!  Hope you had a great weekend.  We had a busy, but blessed weekend.

Friday night we went to our high school football game.  It was Senior Night and “Pink-Out” night, so it was crowded and a wonderful atmosphere!  Our 8th grade band played with the HS band at halftime and did an excellent job!  I was so proud of my students and wished I got a better picture of them.  We lost the game, but had a great evening with friends and supporting our Bearcats!




Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Doniphan.  We actually went to a pond near Naylor, which is just about 10 miles from Doniphan.  We got lost going to the pond, but enjoyed the scenery and looking at the farm land and animals.  My mom’s church was having a Fishing Derby in honor of my dad and my mom had asked my sister and I to bring our families.  We enjoyed the morning fishing and visiting with some of her church members.  There was a lot of fish caught and I know dad was smiling down from Heaven!











After the fishing derby, we went into Doniphan and grabbed some lunch and then went out to my sister’s house.  We got there just in time to learn how to give my nephew, Zach, his insulin.  I successfully gave my first insulin shot to him and he was so brave!  He is doing an excellent job taking his juvenile diabetes diagnosis in stride.  There is SO much information and math involved with counting his carbs and correcting his blood sugar, but they are all doing a wonderful job with it!  I pray he does well going back to school this week and getting his insulin shot at lunch.

After visiting with my sister’s family for a while, we headed to Poplar Bluff to watch my cousin, Kai, play soccer.  He plays for the varsity soccer team and we have been trying to watch him play a game all year.  They played a really tough team from the St. Louis area, and lost by 4 goals.  It was 93 degrees and HOT that afternoon!  The girls were able to sweet talk their Uncle Jake and Uncle Scott into buying them drinks and snacks.  We ended up not staying the whole time because we were hot and worn out.  I don’t understand a lot about soccer, but did enjoy being with my family and supporting my cousin.






We made it back to Dexter just in time for the girls to go to their friend’s houses.  Emily had a movie night birthday party and Liz had a pumpkin painting party at Maddi’s house and ended up spending the night there, also.



While the girls were gone, I did laundry, tried to clean the house up some, looked at my new Master’s class that starts this week, and Chris mowed and weed-eated.

We picked Emily up from her party late that evening and then all came home and crashed!

Sunday was church, getting groceries, and being lazy!  We wanted to make it up to see Nana in the hospital, but she had a lot of visitors over the weekend and Chris wanted to go hunting that evening, so the girls and I decided to stay home and rest up.  We will go see her one day this week after school.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday and pray you have a blessed week!  We have parent/teacher conferences all day on Thursday and then are out of school on Friday.  Can’t wait for a day off!



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