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Our Home: Basement

Happy Wednesday!  We are surviving this crazy week and having a lot of fun doing it!  We had our Stoddard Co. Parade last night and Liz walked in it with her cheer group.  Then, we went straight to the opening night of the fair afterwards and rode lots of rides.  The girls had a blast!  However, I wish the weather would cool down, it was HOT!

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Today I am sharing with you some pictures of our basement.  I LOVE having a house with a basement.  With the girls getting older and having a lot of friends over, it is so nice to have a space that is all theirs.  They can be down there having fun and Chris and I can still be upstairs able to watch TV without hearing squealing girls.

The lighting was pretty bad when I took these pictures, so excuse my poor photography skills.




IMG 3701

This is the view as soon as you walk down our basement steps.  This side of the basement is the girl’s play area.  Cheer mats, American Girl Dolls, dollhouse, Happy’s kennel, etc.  Liz is too cool to play with her dolls anymore, but Emily still plays with them.  They both LOVE their cheer mats and flip/tumble all the time.  It’s nice to be able to just leave those mats out and not have to put them up every time.


IMG 3702

A better view of that area of the basement.  The door to the right leads to Emily’s bedroom.  I can’t decide what type of curtains I want to put up, if any.  I am thinking long sheers, but Chris says just leave it with no curtains.  Advice is suggested if you have a walk-out basement with lots of windows.



IMG 3703

A view of our piano; I LOVE it!  Chris can play any song after hearing it one time.  I love when he goes down there and plays the piano and the girls sing along with him.  I hope the girls will learn to play as well.  It is a talent I wish I had.






IMG 3704





IMG 3705

This is the living room area of the basement.  There is PLENTY of space for all of us to hang out and watch TV down here.  I love the girl’s school pictures on our entertainment center.   The plant is a plant from my dad’s funeral and special to me.  I’m surprised I have kept it alive this long!

IMG 3706

The other side of the basement is the girl’s craft/homework area.  The girls love this space and spend most of their time right here at the table or desk.

IMG 3707

Their bookshelf is full of books and craft totes.

IMG 3708

This space is known as Elizabeth’s slime area.  She makes lots and lots of slime right here!  I love the sign above their desk that says “Choose Happiness”.  They also have a small sign that says, “if you can be anything, be kind”.  There is a door right beside this desk that leads to Elizabeth’s room and the bathroom.

IMG 3710

My famous B wall.  I love it.  I have added many over the years and hope to add many more.  I want to eventually fill up that whole wall.

IMG 3709

A look of the basement going the other way from Elizabeth’s slime desk.  The door behind the recliner goes outside.

Hope you have enjoyed a look into our home.  I love looking at other people’s houses and love sharing ours as well.

Have a great rest of the week!



4 thoughts on “Our Home: Basement

  1. I love that extra space! I also love that you are able to leave out their mats and toys. We love our basement too. I wish ours had as many windows as yours does. Ours is like a cave! 🙂 What a fun week you are all having too! Enjoy the rest of it!

  2. I love that she has a slime desk. Haha! My daughter calls her room, the slime factory. She is constantly working on a new batch of slime. She’s even thought about selling it the next time we go to her siblings games, because the other kids are asking about it. 🙂

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