Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  It feels good to get back into the swing of things, but man, this weekend went fast!  However, my heart is so full after a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends.

Friday was Bearcat Friday at school so the girls and I wore our matching shirts.

FullSizeRender bearcat friday

After school Chris had to go to Kennett for football, so the girls and I loaded up and headed to Doniphan.  We had to make a stop in Poplar Bluff to drop my father in-law’s book off at Office Depot and pick some paints up at Hobby Lobby.

IMG 2932

IMG 2933 1

IMG 2931

It was cousin night at my mom’s house and she had all the grandkids spend the night with her.  My cousin, Madi, and her boyfriend, Dustin, were over there that evening to help her out as well.  Mom fixed us all hamburgers (my favorite), and then the kids made slime and painted H’s to go on her new H wall.  The girls had a WONDERFUL time with Granny and their cousins {Madi stayed the night, too}.  They told me that Granny needs to let them all spend the night every month like that.

IMG 2939

IMG 2942

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Saturday morning I met Madi at Poplar Bluff to pick the girls up.  We happened to see my Uncle Jake and Aunt Niki while we were over there, so we stopped and chatted with them for a bit.  Then, we picked up my father in-law’s present and went shoe shopping for Emily some new slides.

IMG 2951

We got back to Dexter in time for lunch and then naps.  The girls were exhausted from my mom’s house and playing with their cousins, so I made them rest for a few hours.  Baby girl took a LOOONNNGG nap and I was able to get all my laundry done.  The girls aren’t much on napping anymore, so I let them get up and hang out downstairs while baby was sleeping.

IMG 2954

IMG 2955

IMG 2956

IMG 2957

After everyone was rested we showered and got ready to go to Cape for Papa Bolin’s birthday celebration.  I had a really rough afternoon on Saturday.  I knew we were going to be celebrating Chris’s dad’s birthday, and I just got so sad in my spirit knowing that I will never get to celebrate any more birthdays with my dad.  It was a tough day and I think I cried the whole afternoon away.  God’s strength and comfort helped me through it, though.  I’m so thankful for His peace that passes all understanding!

My father in-law is turning 60 this Thursday.  We held a huge BBQ at my in-law’s house to honor him.  We had around 50 people show up for the BBQ and it was a wonderful night together.  We had burgers and hot dogs, cake and ice-cream, went on four-wheeler rides, played games, and had s’mores.  My father in-law, James, is a wonderful man and I was so happy we did this for him to let him know just how much we love and appreciate him!

IMG 2959 1

IMG 2960

IMG 2993

IMG 2998

IMG 2999

IMG 3002

IMG 3001

Since he is turning 60, I decided to make him a book that has 60 letters in it from 60 different people in his life.  This summer I contacted people from all different seasons of his life:  his aunts, cousins, old co-workers, other pastors, people from his different churches, and his staff members now.  I ended with exactly 60 letters and the book turned out wonderful!  He was speechless when I gave it to him, and if you know my father in-law, you know that doesn’t happen very often!

IMG 2964 1

FullSizeRender james bday

FullSizeRender james bday with girls

IMG 3007

IMG 3009

IMG 3013 1

We didn’t get home until really late Saturday evening, but we went to bed with very happy hearts!

Sunday before church, Emily dumped out all of the baby’s toys and used her toy bin as her chair.  It was sweet!

IMG 3012 1

After church, we went to Sikeston and met Chris’s parents for lunch.  We had a great lunch together at Applebee’s.

IMG 3019 1

After lunch we came home and changed into comfy clothes and let baby girl take her afternoon nap.  While she was napping, Liz and I ran into town together and had some one on one time.  I love spending time with each girl individually.  Liz helped me grocery shop and talked my ear off about slime and school and how she’s excited to be a 5th grader this year.  She makes me so proud to be her momma!

IMG 3020 1

IMG 3021 1

IMG 3022

Sunday evening we were lazy and played outside for a while and then got things ready for the upcoming school week.  After the girls showered, they baked cupcakes for their daddy.  They were rainbow chip cupcakes and turned out delicious!

IMG 3028 1

IMG 3030

IMG 3031

IMG 3032 1

IMG 3033 1

We are looking forward to our first full week of school!  We have something every single night, so I know it’s going to be a busy one!

I pray you all have a blessed week.  Remember to always be kinder than necessary, you never know what someone else is going through!


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  1. Your last line – yes 🙂 Always be kinder than necessary. We all are carrying weight around no one can see. I am sure celebrating your father-in-law was so bittersweet but how I love that you made him that book. What a precious gift. xoxo ERIN

  2. What a fun weekend! This is our last week and seeing everyone else head back makes me excited for routine and the beginning of the school year. I love that your weekend included so much family time and one on one time with Liz. Have a great full week back!

  3. So glad your last weekend of fun before school starts, turned out great. Love reading your blogs, your family is so blessed. So glad brother Bolin’s book turned out great. Such an awesome idea you came up with Jennifer. Have a super blessed school year.

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