Three Things

Happy Wednesday!

We survived our parent night at school last night and baby girl is FINALLLLYY sleeping all through the night, so I feel like a new woman today.

Today I am sharing 3 things about the Bolin Bunch.  I want to start doing this occasionally to look back on and see what stage of life we were in and see how much we’ve all changed over time!  I’m stealing the idea from my friend, Britt @ Home Sweet Hensley, and also Andrea @ Momfessionals.


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  1.  Elizabeth is really into making SLIME right now!  What kid isn’t, right?!?!?!  Her and a few friends have their own slime account on IG that they share and it’s cute to watch them post new videos and seeing them make new slimes.  Liz has a whole slime station that she has created downstairs and she’s completely obsessed!
  2. Elizabeth’s new cheer season has started.  She is a base this year instead of a flyer on some stunts, so she’s nervous about learning a new spot.  She works really hard and is excited about this season!
  3. She is in love with Kelsea Ballerini and all of her songs.  She is BEGGING us to take her to a concert sometime soon.  We are thinking this might be a good birthday or Christmas gift.


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  1.  Emily is really nervous about being a 4th grader.  We had tears from her on the first two days of school.  She is scared she might forget what class to go to or that 4th grade is going to be too hard on her.  We are reassuring her that she will do fine if she always tries her best!
  2. Emily gets to play volleyball this year through the Dexter Park and Recreation program.  She is excited she’s finally old enough to play, but sad she has to be on the same team as big sister because I am the coach!
  3. Emily is our YouTube lover.  She recently bought a new laptop with her own money and is loving the time she gets to play on it and watch videos.  Right now her current obsession is watching gymnastics routines and trying to copy what the girls are doing on the videos.


IMG 2730

  1.  Chris is super busy right now with coaching Middle School football.  I love watching him coach and he’s such a good role model for those students, but I miss him being home with us right after school every day.
  2. Chris is starting his internship with his Specialist’s degree this semester and I’m so proud of him!  He will be done with his degree in Spring 2018 and he’s counting down the days!
  3. Chris watches hunting videos every chance he gets.  I get tired of hearing about food plots and soy beans and buddy stands, etc.  However, I love that he has hobbies and is passionate about them!


IMG 3074

  1.  My second round of classes for my Master’s degree starts on Monday.  I am nervous about taking classes while teaching and hope I can manage it all!
  2. Every free moment that I’ve had lately, I’ve been researching new things for my classroom.  I am trying to change my classroom up this year and implement more stations and computer activities.  I have a lot of things that I want to try and hope it makes my math class more fun!
  3. I am turning into a complete sap the older I get.  I used to not cry about anything, but now I cry about EVERYTHING!  The other day in class I referred to Doniphan as where my mom and dad lives and realized that now it was just where my mom lives.  That hit me right in the gut and brought tears to my eyes.  I kept it together and kept on teaching, but it was rough!  With losing dad, I think I am way more sensitive to things in life now and realize not to take things for granted and appreciate every moment you have.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday and rest of the week!  Wednesday night church starts back up tonight for the girls and they are so excited!


3 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. I love these posts. Masters during teaching is hard but manageable. Just take it one week at a time 🙂 I would have LOVED math lessons and a classroom like that as a student! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Wow! You’re carrying a full load there lady. Between parenting, working, school, and taking care of that baby you must be so busy. I love that you still always have a smile on your face. Your family is very lucky to have you.

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