Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Not sure about you all, but the weekend flew by once again?!?! ~ can’t believe tomorrow is Monday!

Friday afternoon we got a call from Emily’s school nurse that she had a fever and needed to be picked up.  Chris was the one that ended up leaving early and took her home.  She had a horrible cough, low grade fever and she complained of her throat hurting her.

Because of this, our Friday night plans were cancelled.  We were going to make homemade pizzas and then go to the SCAA basketball tournament together.  We ended up eating sandwiches and staying home all evening and watching the game from the comfort of our couch.  Emily was just in a blah mood all evening and laid around on the couch.  I tried to lay with her for a little bit and almost fell asleep at 6:00, so I decided to get up and clean the house real good and start on laundry.  I needed to do something to stay awake!

Emily did get a burst of energy before the game came on TV, so her and Chris played a lot of Nintendo together.  Liz is fascinated right now with watching drawing tutorials, so she spent a little while in her room trying to draw a monkey and watermelon.  She’s actually getting pretty good at it and is definitely our artsy, craft-loving kid.

Our Dexter Bearcats fell short in the championship game and ended up getting 2nd place in the tournament.  I love that we have a local TV channel that will broadcast the games so we were able to watch everything from home.

I did get a smile out of her 🙂
We love our NES
This craft desk has been the best thing for Elizabeth
Go Dexter Bearcats!


Does laundry EVER end?!?!

Saturday morning we were going to head to Doniphan to watch my nephew play basketball, but with Emily not feeling very well, I decided to just stay home and let her sleep in and rest.  She ended up sleeping until about 9:30!  We had a lazy morning together with me doing more laundry and making my grocery list and the girls playing American girl dolls together and coloring.

I had a massage and nail appointment in Cape that afternoon that I’ve had since Christmas, so I went ahead and took the girls to my mother in law’s house.  Chris even gave me some extra money and told me to go buy me something nice if I wanted to.  I felt bad for leaving Emily while she still didn’t feel the best, but she hadn’t had a fever and sometimes Nana is better than momma.

Nana had a great day planned for them to make sugar cookies together.  I knew the girls would have fun and I was excited to have a whole afternoon/evening to myself!

Belladona Spa in Cape is wonderful!  This was my second time going and I enjoyed it even more this time with me knowing what to expect.  I had a massage, hung out in the sauna, and then ended with getting a manicure.  It was so nice and relaxing and I was glad I was finally able to use my Christmas gift from Chris and the girls.

MORE laundry


I love the sauna!


The cookies the girls made with Nana

Chris ended up surprising me and staying up at Cape after he got off of work at Teen Challenge and took me out to dinner!  It was such a nice surprise.  I thought he would head right back to Dexter when he got off around 2:00, but he stuck around so he could take me on a date.  We went to Chick Fil A and had a nice meal together.

When we got back to Dexter Chris went and picked the girls up from his mom and dad’s house and I went grocery shopping for the week.

We ended our Saturday evening playing with Legos and Chris showing us all of the pictures he got off of his game cameras for the week.  He gets overly excited looking at all the pictures of the deer and animals from his cameras.


The girls played so well together building their new Lego set
This picture Chris had on one of his cameras cracked me up!

Sunday morning started with chocolate chip pancakes and getting ready for church.  The girls usually always let me curl or straighten their hair and I love every minute of it.  Liz has really been interested in learning how to do it by herself lately, so I am trying to teach her how to curl her own hair.  It is harder than it sounds!

After church on Sunday we ate lunch and then helped the girls try to finish their Lego set.   I am not a huge fan of Legos because I am not a very patient person, but the girls really have an interest in them lately and it’s fun to watch them put them together.   They were finally able to get it all put together and it turned out really cute.


Sunday afternoon Liz and I had volleyball practice and Chris and Emily hung out at home.  When we got home from practice, Chris told us to immediately come out on the back deck with them.  There was a bald eagle in the tree right in our back yard that had been there for over an hour!  We ended up being able to watch it together for another hour.  It was so neat to watch him fly around the lake and swoop down and grab a fish to eat!


Such a beautiful creature!
With a fish in his mouth from the lake

Sunday evening has been full of snuggles, watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, working on long division, and reading.

Leaving you with our #SelfieSunday.  I pray you have  blessed week!


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