2017 Goals

Happy Monday!  Today I am talking about my goals for 2017.

Every year, Chris and I pick out a Bible verse to be our family’s verse of the year.  This is a verse that we want to focus on and kind of like a theme we want to live by.  Our Scripture verse we chose for this year is Philippians 4:8.


Chris and I chose this verse because we really want to shift our focus on being more content in our life.  It is so easy to get caught up in the social media world and let simple things you see on Instagram or Facebook turn your thoughts into jealousy or negative thoughts.  You can then start comparing your life to others by simply wishing or wanting for more.

We feel this verse is going to ground us and help us focus on all of the positive things in our life.  We want to stop focusing on what we don’t have or want.  Instead, we want to be CONTENT and focus on all the good in our life.  We can look around at so many things and quickly realize how blessed we are.  So our motto and theme verse to live by for 2017 is to think about whatever is true, honorable, just, lovely, and commendable.  Also, to never forget to praise God for all the things we do have in our life.

I challenge you and your family to pray about a verse and make it your theme verse for the year.  Chris and I wrote this scripture on our chalkboard sign that hangs on the wall right when you walk out of our house.  We hope it’s a constant reminder every day to be positive and content in our life.

I’m also sharing with you my personal goals for 2017.  I always make a list that I keep at the front of my new prayer journal every year.  That way, I can look at it every morning when I have my quiet time.  Nothing extravagant, just feasible goals I want to work on for this year.


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