Monthly Goals

May Monthly Goals

Good morning!  Thanks for stopping by my blog today.  I’m so glad you are here!

Here is a recap of my April goals:

  • Go out on a date with Chris– We made our date nights weekly!  Every Wednesday night we would go out to eat.  I love one on one time with Chris!
  • Find dresses and outfits for Teen Challenge banquet– To save money, we wore stuff we already had in our closets.  My girls can make anything look cute! dsc_0616
  • Finish Easter basket shopping The Easter bunny did good this year, even though he couldn’t find the girls’ baskets!
  • Get my hair done It was MUCH needed!!
  • Send thank you cards to a few ladies that helped me a lot this volleyball season- Didn’t happen yet, but I haven’t forgotten about them!
  • Order Dexcoms for Liz– DONE!  Every 3 months we have to replenish our Dexcom supplies.  Even though it’s crazy expensive, I am so thankful for this technology!
  • Unplug and enjoy a full Sunday away from technology- Didn’t happen.  I actually forgot about this goal!
  • Attend at least 1 of Chris’s MS baseball games I love watching my students doing what they love and an added bonus is that Chris is the coach!  He is such a great role model for those boys.  All the MS girls were taking pictures with their boyfriends after the game (the baseball players) so I told Chris I needed to get my picture with him~ this is the picture I get:img_8398
  • Enjoy my cruise!– Definitely did this!  img_9136

Now, onto my May goals:

  • Get our pool open
  • Enjoy the craziness of the end of the year stuff
  • Celebrate Emily turning 11!!!
  • Start our Adventure Tuesdays back up
  • Go to the RIVER!
  • Go one Sunday completely unplugged
  • Go through both girls’ closets
  • Take both girls swimsuit shopping
  • Walk 4 times a week
  • Run 3 CONSECUTIVE miles

Hope your Thursday is great!  I will be here tomorrow for my 10 on the 10th link-up.


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