Bahamas Cruise~ Part 3

Good morning!  Happy Wednesday, friends!

Only 4.5 days left of school for us after today!  We are ready!

I am sharing the last part of our Gilmore Girls Cruise with you all today.  Hope you aren’t tired of them yet!  HA

After our day in Nassau, we had a BEACH day!

This was the day I was looking forward to the most.  I love laying out by the beach, reading my book, going for a swim in the ocean when I get too hot, and taking a few naps in there also.  Perfect vacation in my opinion!

Our beach day was at Half Moon Cay.  This is a private island and only Carnival cruise ships can stop here.

Be prepared for picture overload!  This was the prettiest water I have ever seen!

Waiting on the water taxi to take us over to the island
They packed us in like sardines to take us to the island

Pretty much my view all day long!  P.S. This book is really good!
These pictures aren’t edited at all.  The water really was that blue!

Lots and lots of people everywhere!

Trying to steal someone’s lunch 

Lunch with my mom!  There was a yummy BBQ place on the island
My sister and I went snorkeling for a while.  The water was too stirred up so we didn’t have any luck, but it was still fun.  

Oh, so true!  
My Nini and me 

After our day at Half Moon Cay we had another sea day where we laid out by the pool ALLLL day long, watched a good show that evening and watched the sunset again.

The next day we got off the ship and drove home.  It took some extra time because of traffic and a horrible rainstorm, but we made it back safely!

I was ready to see my girls and Chris, but I am so, so, so thankful for the time with my mom, grandma, and sister and will always cherish the memories on this trip!

Have you ever been on a cruise?  I really enjoyed my first cruise and already plan to take Chris and the girls on one!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Remember that Friday is my 10 on the 10th link-up.  Our topic this month is 10 things you would tell your high school self.  I hope you will join me!


6 thoughts on “Bahamas Cruise~ Part 3

  1. I remember that blue, blue water! It was so nice and warm too. I’ve been wanting to go back to the Virgin Islands ever since (this month makes 18 years since our honeymoon).

  2. I have never been on a cruise and want to go on one so badly while I can still wear a bathing suit. Ha! Your photos are spectacular…edited or not. Love that you had a good book to read beachside.

  3. Wow!! I bet y’all had the time of your lives! What wonderful memories!! Thanks for sharing them!

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