A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

Happy Thursday, friends!

My heart has been so sad this week for my co-worker, Stephanie, that lost her husband in a horrible accident.

Thank you for all the prayers and sweet messages about her. I can’t imagine the pain she’s feeling! I pray God gives her the peace and comfort she needs to get through.

Today, I wanted to share with you a day in the life post. I always circle a random day on my calendar to document, and I chose Monday, October 1 this season.

Here we go:

Wake up at 5:00 (or 4:59 to be exact on this day).

Shower, get dressed, do hair and make-up.

Take Max and Happy out.

Make lunches for the girls.

Teach two VIPKID classes from 6:00-7:00 a.m.

Unload the dishwasher and put breakfast dishes away. (While I teach the girls get up and Chris makes sure that they eat and get everything ready for the day.)

On this Monday morning, Chris had to drop his truck off to get an oil change, so I had to pick him up and take him to school with me.

Arrive at school by 7:45. Teach four classes (8th grade math).

Come home on my lunch break and take the dogs out and grab a sandwich.

Go back to school and have my plan time from 12:15-1:00. I usually catch up on my grading and lesson plans during this time.

Teach two more classes and then have a 20 minute advisory class. After school, it was my day to take Liz and friends to cheer class. She isn’t doing competitive cheer this year, but she is taking a cheer class to keep her tumbling skills.

While she was at cheer, Chris went to football practice and Emily and I went and got milkshakes!

Come home and wash lunch boxes to have ready for the next day.

Start a load of laundry.

Pick Liz up from cheer and then come back home to start supper.

Pick Chris up from football practice since they didn’t get his truck done in time for us to pick it up.

Go back home, eat supper, and switch the laundry and fold a load that was in the dryer.

Make it to Emily’s volleyball game by 6:00. They played great, but lost in the third set.

After Emily’s game, we went and watched my 8th grade girls’ first basketball game against Doniphan (my hometown).

Then, it was my first women’s league volleyball game at 8:00 that we went to.

We got home around 9:00, took showers, and put the girls to bed. (Liz is too cool for a bedtime picture!)

I finally sat down and enjoyed some Oreos while talking with Chris and watching the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos game.

After that it was time to get ready for bed and lights out around 10:30. I was exhausted!

This was an exceptionally busy day. I am so blessed and thankful for this life, no matter how crazy it gets!

Hope y’all have a great day!


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