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T1D: 3 Month Update

Today marks 3 months since our lives changed forever.

3 months ago a doctor looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, Jennifer, but Liz has Type 1 Diabetes and you need to get to Children’s Hospital immediately.”

3 months since we can no longer just eat whatever we want without thinking about it.

3 months of 2-4 finger pricks a day, 4 shots a day, and constant worrying about sugar levels.

3 months of counting carbs and making sure our ratios are right.

3 months of raising awareness and learning all we can about this disease.

3 months of realizing that Liz is the strongest girl I know.

3 months of going to the pharmacy every two weeks and picking up supplies.  I am SO thankful for wonderful insurance!

3 months of bruises at her injection sites from all her shots.

3 months of tears, sadness, laughs, and pride of how well Liz has handled this new diagnosis.

I can’t tell you enough how wonderful of a kid Elizabeth Faith is.

She hasn’t let T1D slow her down.  She has been active with volleyball and cheer and only had a few “rough” days.

She got a new nurse at school and at first this was a worry for us because it’s hard to trust someone else to care for your child.  However, Liz is so educated and aware of what to do with everything she has done great and likes the new nurse at her school.  It really takes stress away from me and Chris when we know Liz is so capable of knowing how to handle her disease and how wonderful others are to take care of her and treat her like their own.  The school has been great to work with!

Elizabeth looks and feels better and has gained approximately 12 pounds since her day of diagnosis!  It’s amazing how insulin makes your body feel good!

I am so proud of Elizabeth.  I tell her all the time that God gave her this disease so she can be a light for Him and help others with this awful disease.

We go to Children’s Hospital in the middle of April and I am anxious to see what her A1C level is.  At diagnosis it was 11.6%, and down to 9.1% after 1 month.  We are praying it’s in the 8% range when we go!

We are looking forward to walking in our first JDRF next month and Liz has been busy selling slime and raising money for our walk.  All the money goes to raise awareness to find a cure for T1D!

I pray there is a day coming soon where Type One becomes Type None and there is a cure!

Have a great Tuesday!


10 thoughts on “T1D: 3 Month Update

  1. I can’t tell you Jen what an inspiration Liz is and will be for so many as the years go on. Pretty soon, these three months will be three years and she will know this disease inside and out. After only three short months, it sounds like she already does! Tomorrow will mark my 30th anniversary of having diabetes, and I have become a much better, stronger person through all the trials. We will keep fighting until there is a cure! Much love to you and your family! ❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! Yes, she is so strong and brave. 30th diaversary?!?! WOW! So thankful I found you through this blogging world. You have already been an inspiration to us and shown us there is hope with this disease. Have a great day!

      1. Then I’ve accomplished what I set out to accomplish ;-). You made my day! So happy we found each other!

  2. What an amazing and strong girl you have! Your whole family is certainly shining a light on this disease…I have learned a lot and become more aware just by reading your blog. Stay strong!

  3. What a strong girl Elizabeth is! What a strong Mama you are! I bet that was a little more than nerve wracking to have a new school nurse because it is so hard to trust people to look out and care for your kids the way you can as their mom. I have learned so much about T1D from your posts. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. All the prayers my friend!

  4. Wow! Wonderful story. You may find, as you have it longer, it is not that big of a bother as it used to be. I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for only 2 years and I have met many people and had many great times I wouldn’t have had without having this. Thank you for sharing this, and happy diaversary! :}

    1. Awesome to know. Glad you found me. I love blogging so I can meet different people going through similar struggles. It is getting easier every month! Elizabeth does so well with it.

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