Monthly Goals

April Goals

Here is how I did on my March goals:

  • Get mom’s Mother’s Day gift booked and ordered. She’s going to love what we are doing for her I think!
  • Order shirts for Nini’s birthday trip. We looked CUTE in our shirts!
  • Make sure to share Makayla’s baby due date and weight pool. So excited baby Cyrus is here and doing well. We finally got to see him this weekend and he’s so cute and tiny!
  • Start walking a mile every day.- didn’t happen! With volleyball over, I hope to get back to this.
  • Finalize hotels for May trip.- this didn’t happen either. We are thinking of extending our May trip, so we are still undecided on when we should lave.
  • Get Easter outfits ordered. Love what the girls picked out this year. They will look cute!
  • Get Teen Challenge banquet dresses ordered. We cleaned up well!
  • Take each girl shopping for new spring items separately and enjoy one on one time with them.- kind of did this?? We went together one on one somewhere, but we didn’t go shopping for spring items yet.

Now, here are my April goals:

  1. Take a friend to lunch.
  2. Enjoy Easter break!
  3. Camp with the O’Neals one weekend.
  4. Read 2 books.

Hope y’all have a great week! There are bad storms here today and tomorrow, so I pray everyone stays safe!

One thought on “April Goals

  1. My son was just reminding me we need to buy spring/summer clothes soon too. My boys HATE shopping though and it’s always such a chore to get them clothed. You did great on your goals!

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