Life Lately

Life Lately

Good Monday morning!

Hope you are doing well.

So many things going on lately, and life has been busy!

Here are some things that have been happening lately:

Volleyball. Lots and lots of volleyball. We are right at the end of Emily’s 8th grade season and it’s been so fun to watch her play this year.

Liz is also busy with her club season. She has been playing so aggressively on the net this season and has been fun to watch! She hopes to grow a few more inches so she can be even bigger up there on the net!

Chris is busy with baseball now. I feel like I never see him anymore and miss him!

My little cousin had her baby the other day. What a blessing! I am so happy he is here and him and my cousin are both healthy!

My hometown of Doniphan lost two wonderful people in the community just this last week. They were both retired teachers and had such an influence on my life. One died unexpectedly in her sleep and the other had a liver transplant that didn’t go well. Both tragic losses. I am praying for their families during this tough time of loss.

My granddad Helms turned 95 the other day! 95?!?! What a milestone! He is as stubborn and ornery as ever. Makes me miss my dad so much whenever I think of his dad still living and enjoying life. I know my dad is in a much better place though!

My oldest nephew attended his first prom the other night. He is a junior, so he was so excited to get to go! Him and his girlfriend looked so great together! I loved to see his confidence in knowing he looked good and was so happy for him.

We finally let Liz get her hair highlighted. I have been hesitant to let her get it done, because once you start it, it’s hard to stop it and it’s not cheap! HA. She’s such a great kid though and I was happy to let her get it done. Here’s a before and after:

My grandma turned 80 on April Fool’s Day! We celebrated all day at Branson and took her to see her favorite show, Clay Cooper.

Then, we were able to celebrate Chris’s Gran turning 90 recently. Her party was great and she looked beautiful. It was so good to see Chris’s family! Here is a picture of Gran with her grandkids: Chris, Sumer, and Steven.

Hope y’all have a great Monday and an even better week.

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