Emily’s NYC Trip- Part 3

Happy Thursday, friends!

I am finally done teaching summer school and it feels so good knowing I won’t have to set an alarm again for a while.

I am sharing the last part of Emily’s NYC trip today. If you missed the other parts; here is part 1 and part 2.

Saturday we decided to sleep in since we were so tired from the day before!

I had a hard time getting Emily up and going.

When we finally got up and around, we decided to take an Uber to the iconic Macy’s.

It is the largest store in the world and even has the original wooden escalator in it. And it still works!

It also has the Big Piano in it from the movie BIG and the old toy store that closed.

We had to buy Emily some sweatpants here because we are from Missouri and only packed shorts and on this day in NYC it was only 48 degrees, rainy, and freezing!

After Macy’s, we ate lunch and then made our way to the Empire State Building. Emily was a little nervous about going to the top of this, but I told her it was nothing to be scared of!

You didn’t even realize how high you were going up in the elevator and once you got to the top the view was definitely worth it!

I’ll forever remember the 360 view of the city. It was so cool!

We spent a lot of time here seeing all the different views! This was definitely another highlight of the trip and I encourage you to spend the money and go to the top of the Empire State Building if you are ever in New York!

After this the rain finally stopped so we made our way around the city more.

We found the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral and even went in during a wedding. Emily thought this was cool! This church was gorgeous!

Went shopping on 5th Avenue and went in the original Sak’s 5th Avenue!

The Public Library: Emily rolled her eyes at this, but I love reading!

Radio City

Grand Central Station- such a cool old building!

And of course, Times Square! We spent a lot of time here just people watching!

Lastly, we made our way to Central Park. At this point in the day it was getting dark, it had started raining like crazy, and we were just so over walking. We didn’t stay at Central Park long at all.

It was honestly a little creepy feeling and just a giant maze of trails and trees. I wish the weather would’ve been better and we would’ve had more time, because our plan was to do a buggy tour through the whole park.

But we found a cool fountain, walked around a little bit, and decided to Uber back to the hotel. Maybe another time if we are ever in NYC we will go through Central Park more, but at least we can say we did see it!

Saturday was another full day of being a tourist. Again, I wish the weather would’ve been better, but we made the most of it!

Sunday was our last day in the city.

We knew we wanted one last New York bagel, so we walked to a new spot and then headed back to the hotel to eat it. New York bagels are the bomb!

We had an hour before we had to head to the airport so we walked around our hotel area one last time.

We found the original Federal Hall (White House). This is where George Washington was sworn in to be President in 1789.

Found the New York Stock Exchange

And the Fearless Girl!

We made our way back to the hotel and got our stuff ready to leave and then took an Uber to the airport.

We were sad to leave the city but ready to see trees and hills and our family!

And if this isn’t a sign of a great trip, I don’t know what is:

So thankful I was able to take both my girls on a special trip for their 13th birthday! I’m already thinking of something I can do for a graduation gift for them. Chris says that would have to be a family trip though! LOL

Leaving you with my favorite picture of each girl on their trip put in a collage.

I am a blessed mom!

Have a great day! Elizabeth plays a full day of volleyball today so I’m excited to watch her and her team!

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  1. SO fun! You packed a lot into your time there. I used to go into the city once a year with my grandparents to see a show and we always made time to shop too but I can’t believe we never visited the original Macy’s! My grandmother loved Macy’s but could easily spend all day in the small one near us so maybe that’s why. We did have a lot of fun in FAO Schwarz a time or two even using the giant floor piano.

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