Friday Favorites

Friday Faves

Happy Friday, friends!  We are just getting back home from spending the week on the river.  It was a wonderful time together!

Linking with Andrea to share some favorites with you today.  


Have you heard Chris Tomlin’s new song, Who You Are To Me?  It touched me so much this week.  


I have a friend that has started making bracelets as a hobby.  This style of bracelets have been really popular on IG and blogs lately.  I told her the color scheme I wanted and our initials and she created this beautiful stack for me.  I am in LOVE!  Find her Facebook page at Anddie Co. 



We have been watching a new Netflix show together as a family every night.  It totally takes me back to my childhood!  What show is it, you ask?  Super Market Sweep!  So 90’s and corny, but so fun!  The girls love it.  

download (2)

Hope y’all have a great Friday.  We are gonna unpack, do laundry, and clean the house up really well today.  Fun, fun!  


9 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. We finished Supermarket Sweep super fast, and the comments from the kids were totally worth it!

  2. I don’t know that show! We will have to check it out. The bracelets are cute; I have some that I ordered from an Etsy shop a year or so ago. <3

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