Teen Challenge Christmas Banquet

Last night we attended our first holiday party of the year.

It was a great night and definitely put us in the Christmas spirit.

My father in-law is the executive director of Adult and Teen Challenge Mid-America.

If you don’t know what Teen Challenge is, click here to find out more.

It is a wonderful ministry that is truly changing the lives of men in our area!

Anyways, last night was the annual Teen Challenge Christmas banquet.

It was a great night with great food, hearing wonderful testimonies from the men in the program, and singing some Christmas songs.

Our table had an empty chair at it and it was so hard without Lequeeta there.

Liz broke down and bawled like a baby when we got there.

I know you might be tired of me talking about grief and missing Lequeeta, but it’s a very real thing in our life right now.

Please keep my girls in your prayers. This holiday season it’s just especially hard and they miss their Nana so much!

I didn’t get many pictures, but here are a few:

I loved our matching plaid! I only wish they had a skirt in the plaid pattern for me.

Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Teen Challenge Christmas Banquet

  1. Beautiful photos! My grandmother died a few years ago and I still miss her so much (especially around the Christmas holidays as it was her favorite time of the year). Grief is a long slow process.

  2. Awe, hugs! I can’t imagine how hard that was not having the girls’ grandma sitting there! I will be praying for you all this holiday season. (Love the outfit you are wearing here!)

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