Life Lately

Life Lately

Hi, friends!

Happy Monday!

Happy 77th Birthday to my Nini!

Isn’t she beautiful?!? I love her so much and hope she has the best day today.

Going to catch you up on a few things that have been happening lately in our household.

Last Thursday Emily had her 5th grade class play. She sang a solo at the beginning and did excellent!

She makes me so proud!

All the kids did a great job and it was cute to watch. I was so glad my mom could come. Emily was so excited to have her there!

This weekend we went to St. Louis for Liz’s volleyball tournament.

It was a long, full day of volleyball! I love my #12!

Other than that, Chris has been coaching baseball and I’m headed into my last full week of coaching MS volleyball.

We are just surviving day by day over here. HA!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday. I pray you have a blessed week!

7 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. What a special time of making memories! Your saying “we survived” reminds me of what my daughter is always saying. How cute! Life is so busy with children and then you wake up one day and it’s all behind you. Have a great week Jen!

  2. Love these catch up posts. Any sport season is chaotic, especially in an already busy family! Glad y’all are surviving day-by-day! That picture of you and your Nini is so cute too!! 🙂 Happy Monday!

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