Prime Purchases

Prime Purchases

Happy Tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Tanya and sharing some of my Amazon Prime purchases lately.  I can’t wait to see what others have ordered this month!

I ordered things for my cruise this month because I am counting down the days until we set sail and wanted to make sure I have everything ready.

Here is what I got:


I ordered these waterproof phone cases to help protect my phone while on the cruise.  I hope they work as good as they say they do and I can still take pictures with my phone while it’s in the case.


This is one of the swimsuits I bought for my cruise. I’ve seen it on a lot on blogger sites and think it’s cute.  I just hope I can pull it off!


This was the other swimsuit I decided to go with for this swim season.  I really like the color and the coverage of this one piece.


I think this will be the perfect hat for this summer.  I wanted one that wasn’t too big or too small and I think this will be the right size.  I hate the way I look in hats, but at the same time I want something to cover my head in the hot sun!


Since I haven’t ever been on a cruise, I was asking my sister the other day about some things that I wouldn’t think to pack that I would definitely want.  She told me an extra wall adapter for plugging everything in is a must!  I ordered this one and hope it works well.


I’ve been telling myself to pick up some sunscreen every time I’ve gone to Wal-Mart lately and have yet to do it, so I finally just ordered some off Amazon.  I have never used this brand, but it got good reviews and I thought I would give it a try!


Lastly, I ordered this dress for the cruise.  I think it will be perfect for a “formal” dinner night.  I love long maxi dresses.  Now to find the perfect shoes to go with it…..

Hope you all have a great day!  Be the reason someone smiles today.


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  1. I love that one piece and that dress! Let us know how the camera case works; I am always looking for a way to bring my camera/phone safely with me when kayaking or on the boat.

  2. Always enjoy seeing everyone’s purchases and I love the dress you are taking on your cruise. It will be perfect.

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