Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Last night we had another great night of volleyball.

My 7th and 8th grade girls won both of their games and Emily’s team brought home the win also!

Today, I wanted to share our weekend with you.  It was a great one!

Friday night I had volleyball practice until 5:00 and then I came straight home.  Chris didn’t have baseball practice so he was home with the girls and our nephews.

My sister and brother in-law went to the Garth Brooks concert this weekend, so we watched the boys for them.  Even though diabetes is HORRIBLE, what a blessing it is that my sister and I have each other to walk this path together.

She knows I will always watch Zach (and Tyler) for her and she would do the same with Liz (and Emily).  It’s nice to trust the other person completely to take care of their Type 1 kid since we live it every day also.  Blessing in disguise is how I put it!

Anyways, Friday night our night was pretty lazy.  We had sandwiches and chips and Chris introduced the boys to the Nintendo Switch and playing Fortnite and Minecraft on it.

After supper we took the boys up to our school to play around.  Liz practiced volleyball and the boys played basketball and lifted some weights up in our weight room.  It was a fun evening together!

Saturday the kids and I were up bright and early for ANOTHER day of volleyball!  This is going on our 6th weekend in a row of volleyball tournaments, but I love it!

Emily’s team placed second again!  I was so proud of how well they played.  We lost to the same team again, but this time we played them much better and ended up only losing by 2 points!

After the volleyball tournament and sitting for 6 hours straight, I took the kids up to Cape for an evening of fun.

We went to the trampoline park.

Ate supper at Chick Fil A, went to Hobby Lobby, tried a new ice cream place, and ended the night with Krispy Kreme.  We were definitely on a sugar high!

We didn’t get home until WAYYY late Saturday night so we headed straight to bed!

Sunday we went to Doniphan to take the boys back to my sister.  We ate lunch at my Nini’s house and my whole family was there.  I love Sunday lunches at Nini’s house.

We came back home and got everything ready for the week.

I pray you have a blessed week!


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