10 on the 10th

10 on the 10th- March

Happy Monday, friends!

We have a busy week ahead!

BUT, we only have 3 school days this week and then we are on Spring Break, so we are looking forward to that!

Today it’s time for my monthly 10 on the 10th link-up.

We are talking about 10 things we say; all day/every day.  I can’t wait to read what you write about!

I made mental notes this past month on what I find myself saying on repeat.

Here is what I came up with:

  1.  “I love you.”– This is the obvious one.  I am constantly telling/texting my bunch that I love them.
  2. “Liz, did you dose?”– It’s a bad habit of asking this question when she’s eating, but I always want to make sure she stays on top of her diabetes care.
  3. “Did someone feed Happy?” – It is the girls’ responsibility to make sure Happy has food and water, and sometimes they need to be “reminded” of whose day it is.
  4. “Have a good day”– Every hour I dismiss my math class by telling them to have a good day.  They can’t be dismissed until I know I have all 30 calculators put back into the correct spot and then tell them bye.
  5. “If I don’t see you hustling, we are going to do a towel push.”– This is something you will find me saying in volleyball practice A LOT!
  6. “Move your feet!”– Again, another thing I say during volleyball.  Can you tell volleyball is on my brain?
  7. “Chris, stop being an idiot.” Sad, but true~Chris’s nickname from me is usually idiot.  It is not meant in a bad way and the girls know we are always joking and to not call someone else that!  But, he usually does something once a day that I think he’s being an idiot about and needs to stop.
  8. “Did you brush your teeth?”– Obvious question again when you have kids.
  9. “Be nice to your sister.”– My girls are either best friends or fight like crazy.  Lately it’s the latter because we’ve been cooped up in this house together!  We need WARMER weather!
  10. Thank you, Lord.” I find myself silently thanking God throughout the day for little blessings in my life.  I am a blessed woman!

What are some things you say all the time?

Link up below and share with us!

Next month’s topic is 10 household tips!


Have a great Monday!  I’ll share all about our weekend tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “10 on the 10th- March

  1. I love you is a great one.. and now I feel kind of awful because I’m not sure I do say that everyday! Granted my kids often don’t leave my sight at all but still…

  2. Good grief…I say that a lot…I am losing my mind…I say that a lot, too. I thought for sure I left a comment when I read this post. My fav is ‘Thank You, Lord.’ I say that a lot, too. And I mean it, thank You, Lord!!

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