Monthly Goals

March Monthly Goals

This week is flying by!

Emily’s team had another volleyball game last night and played great!  They won a game and lost a game. I am so proud of them!

Me and Emily had to have a heart to heart talk about separating “mom” from “coach” after her game. It’s hard having your mom as a coach sometimes! HA

Today I am sharing my March monthly goals.

Here is a recap of my February goals first:

  • Buy new letters for my letter board- Didn’t happen- haven’t made it to Hobby Lobby yet.
  • Take my mom out to dinner Done!  Julie and I were actually able to take her to supper with our families on Valentine’s Day.  It was a great evening! img_7636
  • Take each girl for one on one time- Didn’t happen either.  This month was BUSY and just didn’t find the time!
  • Make Liz an eye doctor appointment– Done!  She has her glasses and contacts now and can see so much better! img_7638
  • Order Liz a new bag for her diabetes supplies- Didn’t happen!  Liz wants a Myabetic bag, but I can’t just bring myself to spending the money on one just yet.  We are still searching for a different kind that she might like.
  • Send my cousins, Kai and Brennan, care packages- Didn’t happen, either!  I was a slacker this month!

Now, onto my March goals:

  • Send my cousin, Kai, a care package.  My cousin Brennan is home for a while and won’t need one anymore.
  • Enjoy volleyball season!
  • Get everything ordered and ready for my cruise
  • Find my birth certificate for my cruise
  • Drink more water!
  • Lose 5 lbs.

I am beating myself up for not doing very well on my February goals, but I will keep pressing forward and try to do better this month!


6 thoughts on “March Monthly Goals

  1. So fun! Way to go with all of your goals. And a cruise?!?! So fun, where are you guys going? Are the girls going too? Also, it can be a little tough, that parent/coach relationship. I feel like it is a balance for sure and I am sure you are so good at that! I am not, Brandon is the one that steps in! Hahaha!

    1. It is my Master’s Degree graduation present from Chris! I can’t wait. We are going to the Bahamas. My mom, my sister, and my grandma and me are going. Girls only trip!

  2. Even marking one thing off of a goals list is an accomplishment! I can’t wait to read more about your cruise! I’m there with you on the water…I had some for lunch today so can we call that a win? Ha Ha!

    1. It’s a girls only trip for me and my sister and mom and grandma. We are going April 27- May 5. Can’t wait! I’ve never been on one before but they all have. 🙂

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