Prime Purchases

Prime Purchases

Happy Tuesday, friends!  We have our first Christmas party tonight and I’m so excited about it!

Today, I am linking up with my friend, Tanya, to talk about Prime Purchases!  I love this link-up because I have gotten so many good recommendations from it, so I decided to link-up this month.

Here is what I’ve been “priming” lately:

I feel like my hair has been at a stand still and won’t grow anymore.  I bought these vitamins hoping they will help my hair grow faster!


When Elizabeth went to get her UGG boots out of her closet for this winter, she noticed there was a GIANT stain on them.  I immediately ordered this UGG boot cleaner and it worked GREAT!  I was very pleased with how well the stain came out and it was easy to use.


Tanya recommended this facial moisturizer last month and I bought some for myself.  My face has been so dry lately and I’ve never had this problem!  Usually my face is very oily.  I’ve only used this lotion once, but I loved how it made my skin feel!


Elizabeth is having a llama themed party this year, so we ordered these photo booth props and decorations for it.  We plan to have a whole “llama” fun!


I ordered this sweatshirt tunic and am loving it to wear on the weekends.  I got a very pretty purple color. I ordered a size medium and really should’ve ordered a large for extra length since I’m 6′ tall, but it works.  Cheap and cute!


My sister is making Elizabeth a few shirts for her Diaversary coming up, so I bought this white heat vinyl for her to use on the shirts.  I can’t wait to see how the shirts turn out!


The other things I have ordered this month are Christmas gifts, so I don’t want to put them on here.  LOL

I hope you have a great Tuesday!  I’ll be back tomorrow for day 5 of Blogmas!


12 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

  1. All the Christmas presents being ordered on Prime over here. I save up all my Amazon cash back money for Christmas season which helps it not to hurt so bad! I love that heat vinyl, I have a few fun shirts to make for Christmas.

    1. That is a great idea to save your cash. This month is always hard on the pocket book! Do you make your own shirts also? My sister just got a machine to do them and is loving it.

  2. I am LOVING all the things everyone has ordered today. It’s giving me last minute ideas for a couple of gifts =) I had no idea they made an UGG boot cleaner. Genius!! Happy Tuesday!

  3. I have used the vitamins for hair and nails before and it works great!! I hope it does for you too. Super cute sweatshirt that I am going to have to go check out now… thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Thank you SO much for linking up today! Grace takes some hair/nail vitamins I got for her from Costco. I think they really work. I’m glad you like the Aveeno. It totally reminds me of Clinique’s Moisture Surge products, at a much lower price. Have a wonderful day!

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