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Adventure Tuesday

Hey, hey! I’m back today to share our Adventure Tuesday with you from this week. It was one of my favorite spots yet!

We went to Johnson Shut-Ins State Park near Middle Brook, MO.

This place was gorgeous! You had to hike down a long trail to get to the swimming hole, but once you made it there it was easy to maneuver through the rocks.

There were all these huge rocks you could climb through, multiple swimming holes, and lots of neat places to see. We spent hours swimming, climbing the rocks, and ultimately just being together.

The girls laughed and played so well together and I was the only one that slipped on a rock, so I would say it was a success!

I made a video of our day also, so check it out! It has more videos and pictures in it.

We want to go back in the fall and do the 2-mile trail around the whole park, but for this adventure we just enjoyed the water!

Hope you and your family take every chance you get to go outside and enjoy nature! Thanks for following along with our crazy bunch.


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