Tuesday Talk

Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday! We have yet another snow day today. We were only supposed to get a “dusting” and ended up getting close to 7+” of snow! It is so beautiful but with the temperature only 7 degrees, it makes for slick travel.

Today I am linking up with Erika and Ashley for Tuesday talk. This is a link-up where you can talk about absolutely anything. Something that makes you sad, mad, happy, etc.

Today I want to talk about phone addiction.

Hi, my name is Jen and I am addicted to my phone. Y’all, it’s a real thing. I am not even going to pretend I’m not addicted to my phone, because I know I am.

My good friend, Erin, at Perfectly Port told me about an app that allowed you to see how much time you spent on your phone. It also broke down your phone usage by each minute/hour to see when you had a habit of being on your phone the most.

I was amazed when I downloaded the app to see how long I spent on my phone each day!

Red is obviously a bad color that you don’t want to see on this app!?!? I was wasting almost 4 hours of my day on a phone!

I instantly tried to justify myself and say, “well, I was researching diabetes stuff, or I was monitoring Liz’s blood sugar, or looking up recipes, watching Netflix, and I was only on it when the girls went to bed”, etc., etc,!!!

All of these are horrible excuses, though! Yes, we are new to Dexcom and I watch Liz’s sugar a lot right now, but four hours?!?! Come on!

So I’ve determined that I am going to break my phone addiction. I need to quit looking at everyone else’s life on social media, and pay attention to the life right in front of me. I don’t want to completely get away from everything because I love keeping up with everyone on social media and now with Liz’s Dexcom the phone is how I look at her blood sugar. However, it’s all about BALANCE, and I have to get better at managing my time and quit mindlessly scrolling through my phone.

I am going to start by making small changes:

  • I deleted FB off my phone and will have to get on a computer to access it.
  • I will put my phone in the bedroom from 4:00-7:00 each evening.
  • When I feel “bored”, I need to read my Bible, pray, cook, do a puzzle, paint my nails, ANYTHING but look at my phone!

I know I am not alone in this and I feel Satan wants to use phone addiction as a way to distract families, especially “moms” and take up their time!

Are you addicted to your phone? Do you need to download an app to know how long you spend on your phone? Will you join me in trying to break away from your phone and start enjoying a few tech-free hours?!?

Have a terrific Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk

  1. I’m right there with you! At the end of December, I “unplugged” from Facebook. By unplugging, I mean that I removed the app from my phone and also signed out from my account on the computer. If I really need to look at something, I can sign back in. But to be honest, I haven’t signed back in for the 3 weeks I’ve been off and I haven’t missed it at all. I do still look at Instagram, but somehow the comparison monster doesn’t get me as much on that platform as it did on FB. It’s really a constant battle, isn’t it?

  2. I deleted my Facebook altogether and I feel SO good! I haven’t even missed it. Sometimes people will be talking about what is going on and I feel a little lost, but for the most part I don’t miss it at all. I found over Christmas Break that I was on my phone way too much so I just started unplugging and it is so nice and freeing. I still have Instagram but I don’t look at it like I looked at FB. I hope you have a great day!

  3. Isn’t it crazy. This week it’s gotten bad with being more homebound with the weather. YIKES. It definitely holds me accountable for sure 🙂 SO glad you found it helpful too! xoxo ERIN

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