Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Today I am linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea to share with you some of my Friday Favorites.


The first thing I am loving this week is that both of my girls got their haircut and donated 12″ to Pantene Beautiful Lengths!  They wanted summer time haircuts and had originally only wanted to cut off about 8″, but they each had enough to donate 12″ and decided to go for it.  I think they look super cute with their new hair-dos.

FullSizeRender (99)



This week I have slowly been able to get back to running/jogging since I broke my toe. It still hurts some to wear a tennis shoe, but I am determined to make it feel better.  Since I have been waking up every morning and jogging, I have been using my FlipBelt again and I seriously had forgotten how much I love it!  Hardly any exercise shorts have pockets,  but I can put my FlipBelt on and it holds my keys, phone, money, etc.  It is such a lifesaver!  Check them out here.




The next thing I am loving this week is my new necklace that Chris let me order after dad passed away.  I had gotten one for my sister when she lost her father-in-law a few years ago and knew I wanted one after dad died.  It is called the HEAVEN necklace from Premier Jewelry.  It is beautiful!  It is definitely a piece of jewelry I will wear often and think of my precious dad every time.




The fourth thing on my list this week is my new table my neighbor built for me!  It is absolutely GORGEOUS!  Pictures definitely don’t do it justice.  I wanted a farmhouse table down in the basement for the girls’ crafting area.  I want it to be a place they can do their homework on, make slime on, sit and chat with friends, etc.  My neighbor just recently started building things and I knew I wanted him to make me one.  He does a tremendous job!

I can’t wait to decorate it.  I am thinking about getting 4 silver metal bar stools and then 2 with backs on them for the end.  Then, I think I will put a galvanized tray on the top of the table with certain craft things in it for the girls to have easy access to.  Dexter peeps, if you need something built, I highly recommend Chad to build you something.  Contact me and I can give you his contact info.  It is great quality and SOLID furniture.



I can’t go the Friday before Father’s Day and not give a shout out to my husband, Chris.  He is a wonderful father to our two girls and I’m so thankful for him.  Even though Father’s Day is going to be so hard for me this year and I’m kind of wishing we can skip right over it, the girls are looking forward to making Chris their annual homemade gift for him.  They definitely love their daddy BIG!


Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy it with the ones you love.


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  1. I love that necklace. How pretty and meaningful. That table is absolutely gorgeous as well. I need a flip belt. How nice is that?!?! Your girls look adorable with their hair cuts and I love that they donated their hair. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

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