Friday Favorites

Happy Good Friday!  We are officially on Easter Break and SO excited!

Sorry I have been MIA on my blog this week ~ We have been busy getting everything ready to move!  Today I am linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for my Friday Favorties!

I am short on time so I only have 2 favorites this week:


The first thing that I am loving this week is God’s amazing LOVE!  I can’t help but think today how so very grateful I am that God sent his son, Jesus, to die on that cross for us.  Good Friday is such a special day and even though it was a sorrowful day, it had to happen for us to be able to receive the joy of Easter on Sunday.  Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins and I’m so thankful He was willing to die upon that cross to save me.

Today and every Good Friday I will have Chris Tomlin’s song, I Will Rise, on repeat.  It is my all-time favorite worship song during this Easter season.  Listen to it here.



The last thing I am loving this week is that TODAY is MOVING DAY!  It is such a bittersweet day.  Chris and I have been working so hard this week to get everything ready to move.  We are hoping we can get everything moved today and into our new house.  We were so blessed to sell our house quickly {only 7 weeks on the market} and are so excited about our new house!  The main reason we wanted to sell our house was for more space.  We only had 3 bedrooms and with fostering and hoping to adopt a kid, we wanted at least a 4 bedroom house.  The Lord has blessed us and we are able to move into a basement house that has plenty of space {5 bedrooms/3 baths} for the girls and future kid{s}.

I wanted to post a few pictures of our house we are selling so I can always look back on it and remember it!  OakCrest Lane was great to the Bolin family.  I will miss the lake view in our backyard, Chris will miss his huge 3 car garage, and the girls will miss our big driveway to play with all the neighbor kids.  We have made some great friends with our neighbors and have so many good memories associated with this house.  Last night Chris and I were able to sit on the porch swing one last time together and reminisce about some of the memories here.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with a great home on OakCrest Ln.  I invite you now into our new house on Finley Drive and I pray that you will bless it and always be at the center of it.  Please keep us safe and help us always keep a peaceful home.  Let us welcome in anyone that needs love and guidance and may it be a safe haven for our children to come home to every day.  Amen.

P. S.  I took these pictures when we first moved in.  A lot of things look different now on the day we are moving out, but I couldn’t find the more updated pictures.  I wanted to share all that I did have so I will always have them.

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I hope you all have a great Easter weekend!

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