Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap…Finally!

Hi, friends!  I am so excited that we finally have wi-fi at our new house!

I really feel like I need a break from the Easter Break that we just had because there was definitely no break or relaxing about it.  I am super grateful though that we had the time off and that we were able to get everything moved!

I failed to take a lot of pictures over the weekend.  I was too busy knee deep in packing and unpacking to even think about pictures.  I was able to take a few on moving day and then of course we took some on Easter.

Easter morning was pure chaos at our house and I was just thankful we all found dresses and matching shoes!  Emily’s new Easter dress didn’t fit her right so she ended up wearing an old dress.  I couldn’t find any of my jewelry and felt naked without my bracelets or earrings.  I also couldn’t find my good curling iron to curl the girls hair, so their hair looked a little wild and crazy!

Despite all of that, we had a blessed day in the Lord together!  We went to Doniphan and saw my parents and family, and then Chris’ parents came over that evening and ate supper with us.

Here are the few pictures I did take from this long weekend!  I hope you all enjoyed a great Easter holiday with your family and friends.  I plan to share some pictures of our new house once we have everything settled and in place.

Have a great rest of the week!

IMG_0262 (1)
So thankful Teen Challenge was able to come help us move!  They saved my poor husband’s bad back from hurting even more.
Waiting at the title company to sign the papers

IMG_0268 (1)

IMG_0269 (1)
So thankful we were able to sell so quickly.
Emily loving on baby Sophia at Nana’s house
Sweet Sophia
FullSizeRender (72)
Emily Grace- Age 8 & 3/4- will be 9 next month!
IMG_0283 (1)
Elizabeth Faith- Age 10
IMG_0285 (1)
I am blessed!

IMG_0317IMG_0287 (1)

We have to figure out the lighting at our new house!
The only other shot Emily snapped

IMG_0306 (1)

IMG_0308 (1)
#SelfieSunday Chris is a goober!

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