Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and TGIF!  This week has been such a fun and busy week!  Chris is one of the coaches for the DMS baseball team and their season officially started Monday.  It’s been a big adjustment not having him home with us every day after school.  We’ve also had to adjust our supper time to 6:00 since he’s not been getting home until about 5:45 each night.  I have just felt rushed at everything I do for some reason this week.  I am ready for {hopefully} a nice, relaxing weekend.

Today I am sharing my Friday Favorites with you all!  Hope you enjoy and have a great FRIDAY!



The first thing I am loving this week is our neighborhood trees!  We have Bradford Pear tress that line the streets in our neighborhood.  They have been blooming this week and they are absolutely beautiful!  My sweet neighbor, Nikki, snapped this picture of our street and I just had to share with you all!  I love, love, love watching everything come into bloom and turn green this time of year.



One of Elizabeth’s goals for 4th grade was to read all 12 of the Mark Twain Nominee books.  The deadline to read and AR test on all 12 books was today {March 3} and I am loving that Elizabeth was able to reach her goal!  She finished her 12th book on Wednesday night and tested on Thursday.  I am SO proud of her for setting this goal and reaching it.  Now she will be able to go on a special trip with the school to see a movie and do a little shopping.



The third thing I am loving this week is Emily’s perseverance and hard work.  Emily was diagnosed with  dyseidetic dyslexia in 1st grade and school doesn’t come easy for Emily, especially reading.  Before Christmas break Emily didn’t want to try any “harder” chapter books because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to read them or understand them.  With a little bribery and guidance from me, she decided to try some chapter books that were more challenging for her and on a 3.5 book level or higher {she usually was reading a 3.0 or below}.  Anyways, the past few weeks she has really liked the Bad Kitty books and she has been reading them all by herself.  She read Bad Kitty Gets a Bath all in one night and was able to AR test on it the next day.  These are pretty “quick” books to read, but with the book level being a 3.7 I worried she might have trouble with comprehension.  She made a 90% on this particular test and I couldn’t be more proud of her!  She has AMAZING teachers this year that have really helped her become more confident with her academics.  I hope she always continues to work hard even when it gets really tough.


The last favorite thing this week is we had our first volleyball game of the season last night and WON!  We traveled to Woodland and played against their 5th grade team.  We were a little intimidated walking into Woodland and seeing their big 5th graders that were all overhand serving.  However, our girls {all 4th graders} didn’t let that get to them and were able to win in 2 sets!  They played smart together and had fun while doing it!  I was a proud coach {and mom to #23}!

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  1. Yay for your daughters reaching reading goals and growing in reading! What great perseverance. Good, engaging, and fun books really help motivate readers 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

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