Show and Tell Tuesday

Show and Tell Tuesday: Embarrassing Moments

Happy Tuesday, friends!  After today we will only have 1.5 days left of school until we are on Spring Break and I can’t wait!  We don’t have a lot planned and the weather looks crummy, but at least we will have some down time together.

Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.  Today’s topic is to share your most embarrassing moments.  I can’t say I have too many embarrassing moments, but I am going to share with you a few of mine that will always stick out in my mind….

Shooting a free throw at state.  When I was a sophomore in high school, I played on the varsity basketball team.  That year our team went to the state finals up in Columbia, MO.  I didn’t get a lot of playing time because I was only a sophomore, but I had a chance to play a little bit in the state championship game.  I was so excited and NERVOUS!  I played pretty aggressive and didn’t do anything horrible until it was time for me to shoot a free throw.  I overshot the ball and it bounced off the backboard really, really hard!  It didn’t even come close to hitting the rim.  It was only in front of a few thousand people also.  Chris will never let me live that down!


{Almost} Peeing my pants in the CO airport.  When I was 19 and newly married, I took my 10 year old cousin, Haley, to Seattle with me to visit our Uncle Scott.  We had a layover in Denver, CO.  Well, I was trying to be the grown up adult and wait to go to the bathroom when I could take Haley with me at the airport instead of using the plane’s bathroom.  It took A LOT longer to get off the plane than expected and by the time we made it into the airport, I was about to pop.  I remember RUNNING with Haley behind me and just BARELY making it into the bathroom.  I didn’t even shut the door behind me once I got into the stall.  I technically didn’t “pee” my pants, but it was so close!  Haley was only 10 and probably doesn’t even remember it because I just played it off as we were in a big hurry to make it to our next plane.


Throwing up after giving birth.  Right after I had Elizabeth I was STARVING!  So Chris went and got me some fries from McDonald’s.  I scarfed those down in about 1 minute flat and let me tell you, that was a BIG mistake!  I remember having Elizabeth in my arms and yelling at Chris to come and take her because I was fixing to throw up everywhere.  I also remember it was the exact same time that family was able to start coming back to meet Elizabeth and the first thing they saw when they walk into our room was me throwing up everywhere!  I don’t even remember who all it was that came in our room at that time, but it wasn’t a pretty sight.  I learned my lesson to not eat a whole thing of LARGE fries right after you had given birth!

Emily’s questions.  Emily asks A LOT of questions and sometimes they can be pretty embarrassing.  The most embarrassing one was when we were swimming in a hotel pool and we had went to the hot tub.  It was just us 4 in the hot tub at the time, but Chris and Elizabeth went back to get in the pool.  At the same time a rather large man came over to get in the hot tub.  Emily immediately points at him and SHOUTS, “Mommy, why does that man have such hairy booms?” {her way of saying boobs}  I wanted to die.  We just quickly left and went to the pool with Chris and Elizabeth.  Kids can say the darnest things!


I try to control myself and not have any embarrassing moments.  However, I have learned that we are all human and will at some point mess up and do something embarrassing!  Don’t take life too seriously!

What are your most embarrassing moments?  I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts tonight on the link up and laugh at their most embarrassing moments.

Have a great rest of the week!

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