Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

I loved my 5 day break with my little family!  Breaks like this really spoil me and I have the back to school blues tonight.  I love my job and don’t dread going, but I love, love, love being home with Chris and the girls.

On Black Friday after Thanksgiving Chris always works up at Cape and helps his dad with a sale the Teen Challenge Thrift Store does.  He left {really} early that morning, but the girls and I slept in and recovered from a busy Thanksgiving Day.

When we got up and around we left for Cape.  We got up there a little before noon, so we decided to meet Chris for lunch at Steak N’ Shake.  That is Emily Grace’s favorite restaurant and it was her turn to choose where we ate.  You can tell the girls LOVE their pictures taken, huh?!?!?

After lunch, the girls and I shopped and shopped and shopped.  I didn’t want to fight the Black Friday crowds, but I did want to look for a few things.  Shopping is not our favorite thing to do, but they were good sports.  They also may have been bribed with a Christmas decoration for their room at Hobby Lobby in exchange for their good behavior.  I found quite a few things to decorate my front porch with.  Emily picked out a nutcracker and Liz picked out a pretty tall icicle that lights up.  Elizabeth didn’t want her picture taken with her decoration- she thinks since she’s almost 10 she’s too cool for pictures like that.

After Chris got off of work at Teen Challenge, he wanted to take Elizabeth out hunting again.  It was youth season this weekend and he was hopeful that she could possibly kill a deer.  I dropped Elizabeth off with Chris and Emily and I did more shopping.  We seriously shopped the day away.  I also took Emily to Starbucks for the first time and we both enjoyed a hot chocolate to warm us up.  She thought it was the best thing!  Chris and Elizabeth saw quite a few does, but they had babies near them and Elizabeth wasn’t going to dare try to shoot a momma deer with the baby around.  She is so tender hearted I don’t think she will ever kill a deer.  We all ended up getting home around 9:00 that evening, just in enough time to shower and eat a bed time snack and go to bed.


Saturday Chris got up early again and went bow hunting.  The girls and I had a lazy start to our Saturday morning.  We played play-doh, played with American Girl dolls, and colored.  Emily drew a picture of her new nutcracker that was really good!  I had to take a picture to send to Chris while he was hunting because she was so proud.  After we ate breakfast we decided to decorate the outside of our house a little bit for Christmas.  They were the best little elves and didn’t complain one time about it being cold outside.



When Chris got home from hunting we ate lunch and then headed to Doniphan to take a mattress to my sister and Matthew.  My mom and dad ended up coming over there also, so we stayed and visited for a while.

We got back to Doniphan and Chris had arranged his mom to watch the girls so we could go on a date!  His mom wanted the girls to help her decorate her Christmas tree, so it worked out well for everyone.  Chris and I ended up going to Sikeston together.  We ate at Applebee’s and then went to Wal-Mart and the AT & T store.  Elizabeth turns 10 in a few weeks so we were looking at ideas on what to get her for her birthday.  Somehow we ended up coming home with a new deer stand… Like that’s what we needed?!?! HA  After our date and picking the girls up, we all cuddled up on the couch and watched Christmas with the Kranks.  We love that Christmas movie!


Sunday was church and then a nice big lunch together as a family.  After lunch I graded papers like crazy.  I really procrastinated and put off grading the quizzes I gave last Tuesday until very last minute.  I got all of those graded quicker than I thought so the girls and I decided to go see the new movie, Moana.  Chris was in the deer woods again, so it was just me and the girls.  It was a perfect girls’ day and we thought Moana was a really cute movie!


We are all now back at home preparing for the week ahead.  The girls are both reading their AR books and I am doing some laundry.

I hope you all have a blessed week!  Leaving you with our normal #selfieSunday.

Thanks for reading my blog!





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