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Adventure Thursday

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know my family loves going on adventures.

A few summers ago we started going on Adventure Tuesdays. This was where every Tuesday we would load the car up with snacks and go to a new place to explore.

The main thing was to be together and enjoy each other’s company.

It quickly became my favorite day of the week!

Since we are on quarantine, we have decided to re-establish adventure days, except now on Thursdays. (Works better with our schedule on Thursdays)

So last Thursday we officially declared it was the first Adventure Thursday for this year.

With social distancing being a thing, we had to make sure we had tons of snacks and everything we would need so we wouldn’t have to stop anywhere!

We packed a picnic lunch, made sure we had our drinks and snacks, and headed out the door for our day of adventure!

We even let Happy (our dog) come along!

We started our day in Big Springs with a picnic lunch.

Then we went to Falling Springs. This was such a neat little area to walk around! The spring was beautiful!

Next, we headed to Rocky Falls. We’ve been here many times before, but it’s a favorite and since we were so close, we decided to stop there again. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so the water was rolling!

We ended the evening with a drive through Peck Ranch. Chris and I have been there before, but haven’t ever taken the girls.

This is a place you can drive through and hopefully see elk. It’s usually hit or miss, but this time we were able to see around 66 elk! It was so cool!

We had a very successful first Adventure Thursday of the year! Can’t wait for many more.

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