Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

It’s Monday! Again?!?! The weekends always go so fast!

It was a wonderful weekend and I’m linking up with Johannah and Heather to tell you all about it.

Friday the girls had some friends over after school. They played outside for a while, then we left for our annual Homecoming Tailgate at the HS.

I love this event every year! Local businesses set up booths and give away food and prizes. The cheerleaders perform and there are bounce houses for the kids. It’s a great evening!

I was able to walk around with my friend Cassie during it, so it was a great time!

Homecoming Court was next. All of the girls looked so pretty! Our neighbor girl, Alexa, got 2nd alternate! She (and all the girls) looked so pretty!

The football game was versus Doniphan, which is my hometown. It was good to see some people from there! This is the first year they’ve had varsity football in 40+ years!

We left at halftime because it was starting to sprinkle and we were exhausted. Dexter ended up winning 46-6 (I believe).

Later that evening I taught a few classes for VIPKID, then went to bed! By Fridays I am usually beat!

Saturday started early again with Emily’s volleyball game. They beat the green team and Emily played great! She makes me proud!

We had an hour to run home and get stuff done at the house before we had to get back to the gym for Liz’s volleyball game.

During Liz’s game, her sugar TANKED! It made my heart sink. She started at 120 straight arrow and then a few minutes later she was 65 straight arrow down. I was keeping score for her team so I asked the coach to please call a time out to give her juice.

Thankfully, we were able to get juice in her system and she felt fine, but it was scary for a bit!

Her team won and Liz played great. She had a few digs that were hard to get and it made me so proud of her that she hustled and got them! Diabetes has nothing on that girl!

Right after the girls’ volleyball games they went with Chris’s mom and dad to spend the night.

They took them to the trampoline park and shopping, so they had a great time!

Chris and I were able to go over to PB for supper and then we picked up groceries. I was thankful for the alone time with him. And that he didn’t mind I stayed in my sweats, no make-up, and hat!

Saturday evening we went home and watched TV before I had to teach another VIPKID class. During the class, my phone kept going off like crazy with alerts from Liz’s Dexcom!

She was going low again! My heart dropped once again and Chris knocked on the door to the office and whispered to me that he was going to get the girls from his parents.

Her sugar got all the way down to 30!!!! She ate gummies, drank juice, and ate a Kit Kat! Nothing was working to bring it up~ Definitely a scary time!  I’m glad Chris went and got her because she wanted us and we wanted her with us!

Thankfully her sugar came back up after they made it back home <around 11:30>. I hate those scary lows! I didn’t sleep hardly any that night because I was so worried about her!

Sunday we all slept in. We had been on the go so much the week before, it was nice to be lazy. It was raining outside so an even better excuse to stay in.

Chris left for the deer woods and the girls and I were supposed to go to Doniphan for my uncle’s birthday party, but I just didn’t have the energy to drive that far.

We decided to just stay home for the day and it was exactly what we needed!

Liz played FortNite with friends, Emily jumped on the trampoline, and I watched Tiger Woods WIN the Tour Championship while grading papers.

Chris came back early from the deer woods and we got ready for a new week!

So thankful for this blessed life, even when it’s tough! I know God is greater than any of Liz’s highs and lows with diabetes!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday! I pray you have a blessed week.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Goodness, I am SO sorry Liz had such lows this weekend. You are right, there is nothing scarier! Praise God she came up. Hugs mama!

  2. Shew!! How scary!! Y’all do such a great job managing Liz’s diabetes, so when these lows hit, I know you are prepared. I know, as a mama, though, that they are draining for you too. Glad you enjoyed a Sunday to rest & recover. Praying your week is wonderful!

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