Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! So glad to see the weekend. I have so much homework to get caught up on!

Today I am linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci for my Friday Favorites.


Elizabeth went and read to her 3rd grade classroom this week in honor of Reading Week. She read the book You are Special by Max Lucado and had a great time revisiting her old teacher!


I got a new dishwasher this week~ I am so thankful! When we moved into our new house, we knew the dishwasher would need updated pretty quickly. We got as much use out of it as we possibly could, but it was on its last leg and making a HORRIBLE noise, so Chris decided we needed a new one. He went to Lowe’s on Monday and my new dishwasher was installed on Wednesday. It is so nice and quiet! We eventually want to replace all the appliances with new stainless steel ones as they go out.


Have you heard Zach William’s new song, Fear is a Liar?!? It is AMAZING! Made me cry the first time I heard it. Listen to it here.

Hope y’all have a great Friday and weekend. Go PATRIOTS!


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  1. Your new dishwasher looks great. It’s always fun to get a new appliance when you’re used to using one that wasn’t working very well!

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