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February Monthly Goals

Happy Thursday! Happy February!

Yesterday was a rough day with Liz’s sugar, so I pray today is better.  Volleyball tryouts day 1 went great and I am excited for day 2 today.

Today I want to share my monthly February goals with you all.  I love setting monthly goals because it holds me more accountable and keeps me focused on what needs to get done.

To recap, here were my January goals and how I did:

  • Order the Dexcom (CGM) for Elizabeth ~ We successfully got Elizabeth’s Dexcom in record time. She was able to get it within 2 weeks of her diagnosis and her Aunt Julie came and put it on her the day we got it.

  • Find a low-carb and GOOD pizza recipe~  I had tons of y’all share your favorite recipes with me. I haven’t had a chance to make one yet, but have three different options that look good to try. Thank you for the recommendations!
  • Drink NO sodas!!!! ~ I am successfully still soda free! I have never gone a month without a soda before so I am proud of myself!
  • Do the 7-minute workout app at least 4 days a week~ This goal didn’t happen. I blame it on the crazy cold weather for my lack of motivation. I’ll try better this month.
  • Finish my 28-day devotion (Breathing Room).~ I read all of my 28 days in this devotional. It was REALLY good! My favorite thing that stuck out to me was in 1 Corinthians 12:31 when Paul was talking about the MOST EXCELLENT way.  It really caught my attention of all the impressive things people thought they were doing, but they didn’t have love, so it didn’t matter.  There were also many good points about learning to say no, not right now.  Not no forever, just not right now.  I feel people delight in being so busy sometimes and I am finding it hinders people from truly spending time with God.  I never want to be too busy for my relationship with the Lord.

  • Find an easier way to store all of Elizabeth’s diabetic supplies. ~ I found these cute baskets on Amazon that helped clean up the clutter with her supplies. The baskets fit under my kitchen island and work really well because they are easy to access for Liz to get any supply she might need.

  • Find a cute centerpiece for my kitchen island. ~This one I sorta did. I haven’t found anything I just LOVE yet as a centerpiece. For right now, I have been getting flowers every week from the grocery store and displaying them in a pretty vase on my island. It makes it feel more “homey”, but I want to find something that will be more permanent and something that can’t die. Lol

Now, on to my February goals. Here is what I would love to accomplish this month:

  • Clean out the junk drawer
  • Go on a date with Chris
  • Go on a one on one date with each girl
  • Bless a family with supper one evening
  • Run/walk 50 miles this month
  • Order the girls’ Easter dresses

I am feeling ambitious with some of these goals, and it’s sad I have to schedule a date with Chris, but we are definitely needing some time just the two of us!

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. I love your goals for this month. I really love the idea of all the date nights. I also need to clean out my junk drawer. Great job in January! I need to look into that devotional. I am reading 1 Corinthians right now, it is one of my favorite books of the Bible.

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