Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

It’s Friday!  Whoo-hoo!  We’ve been looking forward to this day all week!  We have such a fun and busy weekend planned and are ready to get it started.

Today I am linking up with NarciErika, and Andrea to share with you my Friday Favorites.


I have another Master’s class completed!  YAY!!!  It is such a nice feeling when you turn in the final exam.  I get a break for Christmas and classes don’t resume until the middle of January, so I am looking forward to no homework for a while.



I made it through grading this mound of papers this week!  This is what one week of papers looks like as an 8th-grade math teacher.  The struggle is real, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



I finally updated my phone this week.  I had the “oldest” phone of us all, so decided to upgrade.  Chris’s phone was really the one that was eligible for the upgrade, but he let me get the new phone.  He spoils me like that.  I got the iPhone 8 plus and am loving it!  The camera on it is awesome.  Here are a few pics I took in the portrait mode:




Elizabeth had her school Christmas play last night.  It was called “Holiday Road Trip” and SUPER cute!  Five out of the nine 5th-grade classes put this play on and the rest of the classes will do a spring play.  I am glad Liz was in the Christmas play~ there is just something magical about a school Christmas play.

The Songmakers performed a few songs to start the evening with:


Then, it was time for the play:

IMG_0016 (1)IMG_0025IMG_0023

Liz didn’t have a speaking part, but her and her cheer buddies had a tumbling performance during one of the songs.  Their cheer coach helped them come up with the dance routine and they did an amazing job on it.  (Liz is the one in the front in the pink shirt)

I was so proud of how well all the 5th graders did on this play!  It was a great night.


Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend!  We are headed to St. Louis after school for our first cheer competition of the season.  I can’t wait to watch Liz and her teammates perform.


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  1. I so want a new phone for the photography piece – I have heard that portrait mode is amazing! I am glad you had a good week and got through another class and those papers! xoxo ERIN

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