Weekend Recap

Hi, friends!  Happy Monday!  We only have two days at school this week and then we are officially on Thanksgiving break.  I am looking forward to some time off to focus on spending time with family.

We had a wonderful weekend and I hope you and your family did too!  I am linking up with Johannah and Heather and sharing our weekend with you.

Friday morning I snapped this picture of Chris with the girls before they left for their McDonald’s breakfast date.  They are truly daddy’s girls.


Friday during school Elizabeth went and watched the movie, Wonder, with her 5th-grade class.  Since she saw it during school, Chris had planned to take Emily to Cape that evening so they could watch it together.  Both girls were so excited to get to see that movie.  I haven’t watched it, but everyone in my house says it’s a must see!

Chris and Emily had a great night together.  They went to Cape’s newly remodeled theater and they were able to sit in the DreamLounger seats! SO jealous!


While Chris and Emily were on their date, Liz and I had a girls night out with her friend, Maddi, and her mom.  I’m so thankful both my girls have great friends and I have become such great friends with their moms!

We all went and ate Mexican together and then went to our local high school’s play, Beauty and the Beast.  It was AMAZING!  I loved watching former students shine up there on the stage.  At the play, we met up with another friend, Kenady, and her mom.  It was a great evening together!


Saturday we woke up and went and watched our neighbor play basketball.  It is a 3rd and 4th-grade city league that he is playing in right now.  It was a great ball game!  The score went back and forth the whole time, and then stayed tied for most of the 4th quarter.  Our neighbor ended up making the winning basket and his team won by 1 point!  It was so much fun to watch him play.


After his game, we headed straight back home and waited for my mom to come over.


My mom made it to Dexter and we went out to eat lunch together.


After lunch, mom came back to our house and visited for a while.  It was a crazy, stormy day and she wanted to wait until the storm passed to drive back home.  The girls showed her all their gymnastics moves they’ve been working on and acted silly for her.


We were so glad Granny came over Saturday afternoon.  However, my heart was so sad after she left.  I just kept thinking to myself that my dad should be with her.  It’s hard to see my mom all by herself and I know how lonely she gets.  Grief is hard and grief is real, and it hit me hard Saturday after she left.  Since dad died, it’s just a different lifestyle for all of us, but especially my mom.  She was his caretaker for 30+ years and now she just has a different way of life.  I pray every morning that God gives her the strength to make it through each day.  With the holidays approaching, it’s hard and I want all of you to remember her (and the rest of us) in your prayers.


Saturday after mom left, the girls and I cleaned the house up and got ready for some friends to come over.  I made a sausage dip and meatballs while the girls cleaned the basement.  Chris made it back from working at Cape and we had a couple over for the evening.  It was a great night of good food and visiting with one another!  Did my heart well to laugh and visit while the kids played downstairs.

Sunday morning Chris left bright and early to go hunting with a buddy all day, so the girls and I were LAZY and stayed in bed until mid-morning.

After lunch, we got ready and went to a local church for the annual Claus for a Cause charity event.  This is where you get your picture taken with Santa, and all the money raised goes to a local cancer charity, 18 Fore Life, and also to JDRF {Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.}


This was extra special for us this year since my nephew, Zach, was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes.  Zach is doing amazing with his diagnosis and taking everything like a champ still.  All of these kids with this disease are true heroes!

The girls were excited to get their picture made with Santa but this momma missed getting them dressed up in their matching Christmas outfits and curling their hair.  I did still get them to match in their Claus for a Cause t-shirts, so I was happy with that.

Here is a flashback to my favorite Claus for a Cause picture of them.  This was from 2013 (ages 5 and 6):


And here is this year’s picture (ages 9 and 10):


I love my girls!  I am definitely a blessed momma!  Time, please slow down!

After Claus for a Cause, I took the girls to Wal-Mart and let them pick out some new Christmas decorations for the trees in their bedroom.  I bought both girls a new tree for their room this year.  Previously, they had a 4-foot tree and since they are older now, they needed a bigger tree.  I was able to get them both a 6-foot tree.  Nothing fancy, but perfect for them.

I helped the girls fluff their trees, but other than that they did everything on their own.  They were so proud of all the decorations they picked out and I think both trees look beautiful!  Emily did a pink and gold theme and Elizabeth did a purple and silver theme.  We will decorate the rest of the house after Thanksgiving.  They just couldn’t wait to get theirs done!


Sunday night was laundry, watching football, and getting ready for the week ahead.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday!  I pray you have a blessed week.  It is the week of Thanksgiving, so take the time to truly appreciate everything you have and enjoy every moment.



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