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Happy Friday!  Honestly since it’s summer break every day is like a Friday to me.  HA!  {I have to rub it in a little bit for all my non-teacher friends}

Today I am linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to bring you my weekly Friday Faves.


The first thing I am loving this week is being at home with my girls all the time.  So far we have had wonderful days together and I love being their momma.  This picture is of them enjoying their new trampoline at Nana and Papa’s house.



My sweet daddy finally got discharged from Barnes-Jewish Hospital.  He did have to go into a nursing home so he can get all of his strength back through rehab, but we are hopeful as soon as he is more independent he can get back home.  The nursing home he is at is in Poplar Bluff, which is only about 25 minutes from me.  I plan to visit him at least every other day.  I am so thankful for how well he is doing.  It was about this time 2 weeks ago we didn’t even know if he was going to make it.  He still has a long road ahead, but I visited with him all afternoon on Wednesday and he was doing great.  God is good!




Not the best picture, but we got new living room furniture this week!  We went shopping and found an amazing Memorial Day sale we couldn’t pass up.  We ended up going with a La-Z-Boy set and I LOVE IT!  Now to decorate the rest of my living room throughout the summer and it will be done.




My sister came up with an amazing idea to make dad a memory book to keep in his room at the nursing home.  She asked old classmates and friends to write down or share stories of what they remember of dad.  One of his good classmates, Becky, brought Julie tons of old scrapbooks to go through.  I personally haven’t seen them yet, but my sister sent me a few things from them and some I had never seen before!  This is my favorite picture that she shared with me of dad.  He was a basketball stud but got hurt and couldn’t play the rest of the season that year.  Chris thinks I look like dad in this picture.  I’m not sure about that, but I did always wear the #24 when I played sports in honor of him.



The last thing that made my Friday Favorites this week is the app Life360!  You all have probably heard about it already, but I am super slow to the game and just learned about it after talking with my good neighbor, Amber.  You download the app and create your family circle and then you can keep track of everyone in your family circle.  It tracks their location, allows you to check in when you arrive at a new location, and also has messaging available.  I like that I can always look at it and know exactly where Elizabeth is at any given time.  It even tells things like you how fast you drive and how many times you have to slam on your brakes, etc.  I know it will definitely come in handy the older the girls get.  I encourage you to download the app if you have teenagers or loved ones you want to keep a better eye on.

download (1)


Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!  We have BIG plans because our baby, Emily, turns 9 tomorrow!!!  There is a trip to the American Girl doll store planned and possibly a trip to a water park if the weather cooperates.  Can’t believe she is going to be 9.

P..S.  SO glad the Cavs clinched last night!  I had typed this post up before I finished watching the game.  I love that it is going to be the Cavs/Warriors match up again for the NBA finals.  We are all huge LeBron fans in our house, so GO CAVS!


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  1. Great list of favorites! I am so glad that your summer break is off to a great start. You gotta love summer break 🙂 I am glad that you Dad is so close and you are able to visit him and what a great idea that your sister had. I love the idea of a memory book and like that his friends from high school have even wrote him letters. Have a wonderful weekend!

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