Weekend Recap- Winter Break

Hello, friends!  Even though we didn’t do anything extravagant, we had an amazing winter break together and I’m excited to share pictures with you!

On Friday, the girls and I got up early and headed to Doniphan.  My mom had to work, so I volunteered to sit with my dad for the day.  The girls went over to my sister’s house so they could play with their cousins all day.  My Nini was there and watched all the kids.  I didn’t get many pics, but they had a great day of riding four-wheelers and watching YouTube videos.


My dad and I had a good day together.  He had a great morning and told me lots of stories.  That afternoon he slept a lot and I was able to do some cleaning for my mom.  My Nini came over around 3:30 and brought the girls to me so I could go ahead and head back to Dexter because Liz had a birthday party to attend.


When we got back to Dexter we went and got a gift and then I fixed the girls supper before taking Elizabeth to her birthday party at 6:00.  While she was at the birthday party, Chris finished organizing his fishing gear, Emily played in her room with her LPS, and I was able to read and do a few loads of laundry.


Saturday morning started bright and early with the girls and I going over to Chris’ parents house to stay with my mother in law.  Chris was working up at Teen Challenge and his dad needed to be up there also, so I went over to be with Lequeeta for the morning.  She is doing really well, just still won’t be able to put any pressure on her leg for 6 weeks.  The girls and I helped her with a few things around the house and I was able to sweep and mop her floors for her and help her get ready for the day.

Her friend, Heather, got there around 11:30, so the girls and I ran a few errands around town for her.  We had to go and get her a few medical supplies to change her bandage and also found her word search puzzles at the Dollar Tree.  The girls were such great big helpers to me.

The girls and I had originally planned to go up to Cape and meet Chris to ride four-wheelers and enjoy the day, but the weather turned out to be rainy all day long.  So we decided to just stay around Dexter and hang out at the house.  I binge watched Gilmore Girls while the girls played in their rooms and read a little of their AR books also.


Saturday evening when Chris got home we went and ate together as a family.  I don’t cook on Saturdays and we usually eat leftovers, but we decided to go eat Mexican that evening.  It was really yummy!  After eating, we went and saw Nana and Papa again to make sure Nana was still doing okay.


Saturday evening after showers and bed time snacks, the girls went to bed early and I went and got groceries for the week.

Sunday morning consisted of a big pancake breakfast together and then getting ready for church.  After church we let the girls play outside because we finally had the sunny and 72 degree weather they had said we would have this weekend. While the girls played outside, Chris and I sat on the back deck and enjoyed watching the ducks and geese.  img_0150img_0152img_0151

After the girls played outside with the neighbors for a bit, we decided to head up to Cape and go ride four-wheelers and shoot guns.  It was such a beautiful afternoon together hiking and just being outside.


Sunday evening we watched some TV together and I finished all the laundry.  We also tried to start planning our summer vacation.  We are disagreeing on where to go, so we tried to look up a few places and we will probably end up just drawing from a hat to decide where to go.

Monday morning we actually slept in a little bit and it was glorious!  I haven’t slept past 8:00 in a long time and it was much needed.

We knew we were headed to Current River for the day, so we ate breakfast and got stuff ready for the river.  I packed stuff to make sandwiches for lunch while Chris got his boat all ready to go.

We had planned to leave around 9:30 {it’s an hour drive}, but as soon as we were walking out the door, our real estate agent called and asked if someone could look at our house today.  Chris said yes, so we QUICKLY picked up the house.  It wasn’t horrible, but I have OCD and wanted to make sure the floors were swept and mopped and I still had a little laundry to hang up.

We all pitched in together and had it done within 30 minutes.  The girls were actually a big help and Emily folded towels while Liz vacuumed all the bedrooms.  We decided to take Happy with us to the river also since we didn’t want her barking at the people looking at our house the whole time.


We made it over to Current River a little after 11:00.  We had a WONDERFUL day together.  We went on a long boat ride, explored gravel bars, ate lunch, fished a little, skipped rocks, and just enjoyed being together.  Current River is such a special place to us and we love going every chance we get!  How crazy is it that it was such good weather that we were able to go in February over WINTER break?!?!?!


After the river, we stopped by my mom and dad’s house for a while to see them.  Dad was actually having a really good day and up walking on his own.  It made me happy to see that!


We had to get back to Dexter because Elizabeth has cheer on Monday nights and Chris plays basketball with a men’s league, so we made it back around 4:30.

We ate a quick supper together and now everyone is doing their own thing.  I am blogging, Emily is trying to build Legos, Liz is at cheer, and Chris skipped basketball to go and visit with his mom for the evening.  His grandma Joyce is in town to stay with Lequeeta for a few days so he ran over there to see them.

As always, leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  I pray you have a blessed week!


This was the first picture on my camera roll.  They are goof balls!  




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