Winter Bucket List

Instead of my normal Thursday Three, today I am going to share our Winter Bucket List.  We have started doing a “bucket list” with the girls for every new season (winter, spring, summer, fall).   I got this idea from commit30 on IG, and they also sometimes refer to it as their “live list.”

It is basically just goals or things you want to do together as a family for the upcoming season.  I always let the girls take control of this and write down whatever they want {within reason}.  Emily Grace usually has at least one or two things we have to veto that just aren’t feasible.  Some things are traditions that we do every year, some are new ideas we want to try.  I encourage you and your family to make a bucket list as well.  It is fun to see what each girl thinks is special to them for the upcoming season.

Anyways, last night we sat down together as family and made our winter list.  I thought I would share it with you all, but it’s mostly for me to remember all the little things that were important in their life at this particular time.  Last year we were very limited with what we could do because Chris had a major back surgery, so I’m excited about this year!  Hopefully we will get to cross off most of the items.


Happy Thursday!  We have a jam-packed weekend that I am looking forward to!



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