6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. That is quite a stack of correcting you have there! My son’s school isn’t allowing kids to turn in any papers at all; all work is virtual and even project that are not done on the computer we take photos of and submit virtually. It’s kind of weird. I find it so odd that as a freshman he only has a Chromebook and no other texts or papers!

    1. That is weird! I’m so old school, I feel like math is best learned with paper and pencil. That was all the papers I had to grade while I was sick with Covid. So much!

      1. Math is all done online using a self-paced program called Aleks. At least twice now I’ve pulled out an Algebra book we used in the past with my oldest to help Alec understand something the program did a poor job of explaining. Yet I love that it is self- paced as my son is nearly 75% done the work for freshman year already.

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