TGIF! Today is our last day of Christmas break. We all go back to school on Monday.

It was a fast break, but a wonderful break!

Day 2 in Florida we headed to SeaWorld.

This was a much more relaxing pace than the day before.

We didn’t have our tour guide with us for this day, so we were on our own to find our way and explore things.

SeaWorld is known for their two huge rollercoasters, Kracken and Manta.

After the girls saw them, there was NO way I was getting them on it!

I didn’t really want to ride them by myself, so we didn’t ride many rides at SeaWorld that day.

Just know if you do go, there are really good rides if your family is into roller coasters.

We loved seeing all the animal exhibits.

The sea turtles are always a favorite of mine.

Our first show we watched that morning was called Dolphin Days. It was by far the best dolphin show I have ever watched!

The girls were fascinated with everything the dolphins were able to do.

The next show we watched was called One Ocean and it was the killer whale show.

They have 5 killer whales at SeaWorld and we were able to see all 5.

The youngest whale was 10 years old and weighed 3,400 pounds. The oldest whale was 43 and weighed a little over 4,600 pounds!

It was unreal to see them in person and the pictures don’t do them justice with how big they were!

After the shows, we went up in the Sky Tower. It took us up 300 feet and we were able to get a great view of SeaWorld and see all the animals from above.

Our only ride we rode at SeaWorld was called Infinity Falls. It was a water ride where you were in a circle tube and went through water with different drops and waterfalls. The biggest drop was 40′ tall!

It was SO fun!

After we saw everything at SeaWorld we went back to our hotel to rest a little again.

We then headed to an outlet mall to do a little shopping. The crowds here weren’t as bad as Disney Springs, but there were still a lot of people!

At the Nike store, I was #63 in line. I told Chris it proved how much I loved him with me standing in line for him.

We were in bed that night by 8:30 p.m. because we had an EARLY wake up call the next day for Hollywood Studios.

Here is another video with tons of videos from the dolphin and killer whale shows.

Hope your day is great! We have a super busy weekend that I’m looking forward to.

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  1. I love both those roller coasters and would have happily ridden with you! But I don’t think I could have handled the crowds at the outlet mall.

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