Christmas 2019

Happy Monday!

We are flying home this afternoon from a wonderful Christmas trip to Disney World.

5 days went by FAST and I can’t wait to share with you about our trip.

Today, I wanted to share our Christmas.

Christmas Eve we always spend the day with my family at Doniphan. This year we were missing my Uncle Scott, Aunt Manu and cousin Kai but everyone else was able to be there.

As always, we had a great day together! We played games, ate great food, and opened gifts.

Christmas morning was Christmas at our house. This year was different without Lequeeta. James came over to our house and we all opened gifts together.

It honestly was a QUICK morning!

The girls opened all their gifts and then we were off to FL for Disney World!

We made it to FL that evening and were so excited! This was Emily’s first time to fly and she LOVED it just like Elizabeth.

It was such a great Christmas! We are blessed and so thankful for another year celebrating together.

Here is a YouTube video from our Christmas with more videos and pictures. The girls’ reaction to their Disney trip was priceless!

Hope your day is great!

6 thoughts on “Christmas 2019

  1. I can’t wait to read all about your trip to Disney! I am also so glad that your father-in-law came along for the trip! Did he play a part in the planning too?? Had your mother-in-law been planning on coming too?

    1. No, she wasn’t planning on coming. We knew when she passed away that Christmas would be so hard, so we wanted to do something out of the ordinary and go on a big trip! I was so glad James chose to go with us!

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