Weekend Recap

Spring Break 2019

Hi, friends! It’s back to reality for us today after having 5 days off of school.

We had a “staycation” and caught up on all the things this Spring Break, but it was a much needed break!

Thursday I deep cleaned my house from top to bottom! It had been about a month since I had cleaned really well, so it was in desperate need of it.

Thursday night Emily and her team had a volleyball game here at Dexter and got another win!

Emily served 6 serves in a row OVERHANDED and was so proud! I love watching her play volleyball.

Friday Liz and I were up bright and early to head to St. Louis for her 3 month check up with the endocrinologist.

My sister and nephew, Zach, joined us since we made their appointments for the same day. It’s nice to have a buddy/cousin to go to appointments with!

They both got great check ups. Liz’s A1C was up to 8.4% and this is a little higher than we want it, but we made some changes and hope to do better next time!

We ate lunch and then made our way back home for the evening.

Chris and I took the girls to Nana and Papa that night and went on a date! It was so nice!

Saturday I went with my MS 7th grade team to an all day Poplar Bluff tournament.

It was a GREAT day of volleyball and we ended getting 1st place! The girls played so great and STOMPED the other team in the championship game. I was a proud coach!

Saturday evening I was worthless and held up the couch all night! I was worn out!

Sunday was a day of rest and I read a WHOLE book! It was glorious! I recommend this book to anyone, it was a great read!

Monday on our final day of Spring Break I made an 8:00 orthodontist appointment!! What was I thinking?!?!

BUT Emily Grace got her braces off so it was worth the early appointment.

She looks so grown up and beautiful! I can’t believe the transformation.

Monday afternoon I had a MS volleyball practice before our game at PB.

Our 7th grade won but our 8th grade lost!

Emily played at Advance and her team ended up losing also. It was just an off night for them!

There you have a look into our spring break! I was so glad we were able to get some big appointments out of the way and all the volleyball makes my heart happy!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday that actually happened on Monday this week. Whoops!

I pray you have a blessed week!

11 thoughts on “Spring Break 2019

  1. Your Spring Break sounds amazing! We are having a little staycation for our break too and I am excited about that! I cannot wait to relax and sleep in. I am trying to get my hands on that book but I have 16 people in front of me at the library before I can get it. Hahaha! I should just buy it at this point. Glad your break was so good Jen!

  2. Eek! Spring Break already!? We still have 1.5 weeks until our’s begins! We too will be having a ‘staycation’ mostly because #volleyball!🤪 Your teams all had a pretty great week! Keep it up, friend!

  3. Looks like a great break for you all. Congrats on getting braces off! We have another year or so here, and then I’m sure my next one will need them!

  4. Congrats on the no more braces! I do have to ask … will Emily have to get braces on again when she’s older as she is so young? I know they waited to put braces on me until all of my adult teeth had come in and finished moving. I guess they didn’t want to do two rounds of the darn things on my teeth! 🙂
    p.s. So glad that the Diabetes monitoring is going so well too and hopefully the next appointment will have ALL good news!

    1. Yes, she will have to have a full set when she’s probably 7th or 8th grade. They needed to do these first braces now since she needed a palate expander because of how small her mouth was. There was only a certain age gap it would work between?? Hope you’ve been doing great!

      1. That is so good to know. I never had to have a palate expander and I am grateful for that. Will both girls get braces in junior high/high school?

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