Good Morning!  Today Chris and I are back to school.  We don’t get students until tomorrow, but it’s back to reality for us today.

I am ready to get back into a routine, even though the time off was wonderful!

Today is the first Wednesday of the month, so I am linking up with  Anne and sharing what I’ve currently been up to.

Choosing:  Instead of choosing a Bible verse to focus on for the year like we have done in the past, Chris and I have decided to choose a word to focus on for the new year.  Our word we chose this year is FAITH.

We know there might be many things that test us this year, and we only need to have FAITH.  In Matthew 17:20, Jesus tells us if we have faith as small as a mustard seed nothing will be impossible.


Tidying:  During Christmas break I tidied ALL THE THINGS!  I went through all of the girls’ drawers and closets, shampooed all the carpets, rearranged both girls’ rooms, reorganized all of my kitchen cabinets, cleaned out the fridge, and scrubbed all the showers really good.  It felt so nice to get all of that done!

Resolving: trying to figure out how to change the sink faucet in the upstairs bathroom.  Chris and I are not very good at the whole do it yourself stuff.  HA

Exploring:  Chris and I are discussing where to go for our family vacation this year.  He, of course, wants to go to FL, but I want to go somewhere NEW!  Then possibly fit the beach in for a quick trip at a different time….

Refreshing: myself!  This break was a great break to relax and unwind from the constant go, go, go.  I feel refreshed and ready to face the new year with more zeal and passion than ever before!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.  I might find myself taking a nap after school today since I haven’t been used to a strict schedule all through Christmas break!

Also~ Don’t forget!  Tomorrow is Jenna and I’s first link-up for our new monthly Share Your link-up.  I hope you can join us.  We are talking about goals/resolutions/where you see yourself in 5 years.  Use #shareyour2019 on IG if you link-up with us!

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22 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. I love the new look of your blog Jen! My girls went back to school today, they were both excited this morning! I hope you have a great day back =)

    1. Thanks! I made a fancy new heading. I am going to try to play around with it more and do a few other things. I love changing it up a little bit every now and then. 🙂

  2. We’re trying to hash out our family vacation too; funny enough I am the Florida person here! But over the past few years I have been trying to force us to try new things and we have had a great time exploring other states.

  3. I am so glad you got a chance to catch your breath and take in some downtime. We did too and I agree, I feel like I am sending everyone back off ready to go! You are graduated too, that has to feel SO good!!! I remember not knowing what to do with my extra time ;)!

  4. Great word for the year! And you got a ton done during your break… YAY! Hope today goes well as you get back in the swing.

  5. I am glad you were able to get in some rest and relaxation as well as tidy up your house. We are going through things right now and getting rid of so much stuff. We have been talking about our vacation as well! Have a great day back to work today!

  6. Please come to my house for more tidying that needs to be done. The decor is all down with the exception of the tree and I’ll tackle it this weekend. Love the word of the year that you and Chris chose. I’ll be revealing mine next week!

  7. Ooh love the yearly link-up idea. I’ll have to save the image and do the ones I can. I’m talking about goals/resolutions this month, but not until later! I’d love to go away somewhere warm this year but I don’t know!


  8. Doing a home cleanout right after Christmas always feels SO good – we’ve done our playroom, and now I’m sorting through and purging a bit of the extra Christmas decor stuff. Lovely to start fresh. Thanks for joining in, and I’m excited to check out your link up as well!

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