Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!  Last night I went to bed grumpy from different things that happened this weekend {that you will read about}, but then it was such a beautiful morning when I woke up, I can’t help but count my blessings.

Today I am linking up with Johannah and Heather to share our weekend with you.

Friday night after school, Liz had a dress rehearsal for her competitive cheer team.  She had Songmaker practice after school until 4:15, so I had to quickly pick her up and get her ready for her dress rehearsal.


Chris, Emily, and I dropped Liz off and headed to eat Mexican for supper.  After supper, we went and watched a little bit of our HS boys play their first home basketball game.  We had about an hour to wait until I had to go back to Liz’s cheer gym, so we wanted to catch some of the game.

The HS boys played Sikeston and it was a TOUGH game!  There is a really good player on Sikeston’s team that was AMAZING to watch.  It was a fun night of basketball for the short amount of time we were there.


I dropped Emily and Chris off at home and went to Liz’s dress rehearsal.  Our first cheer competition is this weekend, so they wanted to perform for the parents to show off their performance!  They did a great job and hit every stunt.  I love watching Liz’s facial expressions while she is doing the routine.  She makes me proud to be her mom!


Saturday was a day dedicated to celebrating Liz turning 11!  She doesn’t technically turn 11 until December 12, but with our busy schedule, this was the only weekend we could celebrate with her friends.

Saturday morning I got the house cleaned and ready for the day.  I wanted everything in place that morning because I knew I wouldn’t be back until later that evening when all the girls arrived.

I let Liz pick 3 friends to take to Cape for the day.  Liz picked everything we did that day, and it was a wonderful day together!

Our first stop was to eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A


After lunch, we dropped Emily off with Chris at the thrift store.

Our next stop was to Creative Ewe Pottery.  Each girl got to pick out their pottery piece to paint.  None of the girls had ever been there before except for Liz and they all loved it.  There were tons of laughs shared while they painted and lots of memories made.


Liz’s cup looks white, but it really was painted!

We made a stop at Hobby Lobby before we headed to our last destination at Ultimate Air Trampoline Park.  This is similar to a Sky Zone and just opened up in Cape a few months ago.  The girls were excited to check it out.

I let them jump for an hour, and enjoyed watching them from the comfort of the reclining couches.


This is where the day turned interesting…

About 15 minutes after we arrived at the trampoline park, I had a thought to go outside and double check to make sure my car was locked.  The girls had all of their stuff out there and I had bought a few things throughout the day, so I just wanted to “make sure” it was locked.

Well, I went to get my keys out of the side pocket of my purse {where I ALWAYS put them}, and they weren’t there.

I looked in the main part of my purse.  No keys.

I was wearing a big cardigan, so I checked my pockets.  No keys.

Checked my jean pockets.  No keys.

Checked the couch cushions and underneath the couch, I was sitting at.  No keys.

I start to freak out a little bit.  I went and retraced EVERY step I took since we arrived.  No keys.

Checked the bathroom.  No keys.

Checked the trash cans.  No keys.

Went outside by my car and shined my flashlight into my car to see if they were locked in there somewhere.  No keys.

Searched the whole parking lot.  No keys.

Asked the front desk if any keys had been found.  No keys.

I didn’t want the girls to know anything was wrong, so I just kept acting calm and searching the whole place over.  I wanted them to enjoy their jumping time.

After about 20 minutes of looking everywhere with no luck, I finally called Chris and told him my situation.  He thought I was joking because this is SO NOT LIKE ME!  I have never locked my keys in my car or lost them! When he finally realized I was serious, he came to my rescue.

Thankfully, Chris and Emily were still at Cape visiting with his parents, so they were able to come and get us from the trampoline park and drive us back to Dexter.  When we got to Dexter, Chris’s dad and mom came and picked him up and drove him back to Cape with my spare key and got my vehicle.

The nice workers at the Trampoline Park kept an eye on my vehicle while we drove back to Dexter to get the spare set of keys.  I was worried someone had picked my keys up and was going to try to steal my vehicle later that night!

The keys were never turned in or found, and it is still a mystery to me where they could’ve gone.  I am thankful we had a spare key and Chris made it back home safely with my car!

The rest of the evening’s plan got delayed by a little bit, but not by much.  Liz was allowed to invite 4 more friends to come over to join the other girls for a sleepover that night.  She originally wanted everyone to go to Cape with her, but with a strict budget, it wasn’t feasible.  So the sleepover was our compromise.  I wish I could’ve let her invite even more girls, but you have to draw a line somewhere~ for your sanity and pocketbook’s sake!

I did horrible at taking pictures throughout the night.  I let the girls have their space downstairs in the basement and only sent down snacks and drinks occasionally!  The basement was LOUD, but I knew they were having fun enjoying each other’s company.


I let little sister have a friend over too so she wasn’t left out and bothering big sis all night.


It was an exhausting, but wonderful day celebrating Liz turning 11!  I can’t believe my first baby will be 11 soon.  I love this video of Liz’s friends singing to her.

Sunday morning I woke up glad I survived the sleepover.  In all honesty, the girls were GREAT and were all in bed by midnight.  I know they stayed up and talked for a while probably after that, but they also did get some sleep, so that makes it a successful sleepover.

The girls that didn’t go to church with us got picked up that morning, and then the other girls went to church with us and then home with their parents afterward.

Right after church we came home, ate lunch, went grocery shopping for the week, and then headed back to Cape to spend the afternoon/evening with Nana and Papa Bolin.  They made it back from Houston on Saturday and the girls were anxious to see them.  My MIL also wanted to girls to help her put her Christmas tree up.

It was a great evening together!  We decorated their tree and had a nice supper together.  Chris and I are blessed with a wonderful family!


When we got home last night Chris shut the garage door as we were walking in the house and we hear a LOUD POP as the garage door is almost completely shut.  We try to hit the button again thinking it just hit a toy or something and is fine, but it wouldn’t go back up.  Chris goes out to inspect it, and the wire has completely snapped off the track and the garage door is hanging sideways.  We tried to pop the cord so we could manually lift the garage door up, but how it was positioned we just couldn’t get it.  SSSOOOO my car is stuck in there until we can get someone out to fix our garage door.


Looks like Chris and I will be riding everywhere together again for a while.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  And trying to remember I am too blessed to be stressed.  Losing keys and broken garage doors are nothing compared to what some people are going through right now.


I pray you all have a blessed week.



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  1. Oh no that is no fun at all! I pray it can be fixed easily and quickly! I am so glad you could all be with your MIL and FIL, I bet that was so uplifting to them after a crazy week! xoxo ERIN PS that party sounded so fun, best mom ever award!

  2. Ohhhh that is not fun at all! I hope you find your keys and I hope you garage door is fixed quickly! I am glad you got in some family time and it looks like the girls had a blast this weekend!

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