Photo Every Hour

Yesterday I took a picture every hour to highlight my day.  Here is a PHOTO every hour- day in the life post:



EEK!!! I didn’t wake up until 6:36!  I didn’t sleep well the night before because my mind wouldn’t shut off.  Chris and I got the news the night before that a guy we went to church with at Malden passed away unexpectedly.  He was our age and had 4 precious babies.  Please pray for his beautiful wife and their children in the upcoming days.



I was finishing getting ready for work.  I put my make-up on while sitting on the floor by the heat.  Don’t ask me why I do this, I just do?!?!!



At work preparing for the day.  I was finishing grading a stack of papers and putting the grades into the computer.  We don’t get students until 8:10, so I was enjoying my last few minutes of peace and quiet before the day started.



My view at 9:00.  We had a station where I didn’t have any students with me at my teacher table, so I was grading papers and answering questions from my students.



At this point in the hour, it was transition time between classes.  This is my view looking down the hall towards Mr. Bolin’s room.  We usually wink or give each other a head nod between classes.  🙂



4th hour.  Working with students at my teacher station here.  I LOVE my job!



Lunch time.  If my schedule allows it, I go home for lunch.  We literally live 2 minutes away from the school, so it’s easy to go home and grab a sandwich to eat.  Chris and I have the same lunch time, so it’s an added bonus I get to eat with him every day.



This hour was during my planning period.  I finished putting grades into the computer and made some lesson plans for the week when we get back from Thanksgiving break.



7th hour.  Working with students again.  They are all busy at their stations and I am working with students at my teacher table here.



ALMOST the end of the day.  {We end our day at 3:07.}  Here we are in our 8th hour, which is a 20 minute study hall type class.  I had students finishing work from other classes, students coming in and asking me math questions, and I was trying to finish grading more papers.



Chris and I left the girls at home and went into town to get gas in my car and me a soda pop!  A Rhodes 44 oz. Dr. Pepper was calling my name!



We eat supper EARLY at our house.  We usually always have supper ready on the supper table by 5:30.  This night was TACO Tuesday~ Liz’s favorite.



This picture shows that I finally sat down for a minute and watched Wheel of Fortune (my favorite)!



In the winter, we have family game nights on Tuesday and Thursdays when our schedule allows it.  Emily chose our game- Googly Eyes!  We had a lot of laughs at this game.



Girls are in bed for the night and it’s This is Us night.  Happy and I curled up and watched this week’s episode.  I LOVED learning more about Kevin and his speech at the end was phenomenal.  I can’t wait to watch next week about Kate!



Laundry and ironing clothes.  #momlife  It never stops.



Work on blog, watch the news with Chris, and read some of my book.



Hope you guys enjoyed my Tuesday.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!  As Emily says, it’s a great day because it’s P.E. day and church day!


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    1. Love being an “oldperson!” LOL I can’t do Jeopardy very well and feel dumb after watching it so just stick to Wheel of Fortune. Have a great rest of the week!

  1. I love these posts. I am so sorry to hear about your friends, you have had so much heart break this year. I am praying God draws you close and you fill His love today! PS I love that you have lunch with your hubby everyday. Scott started a new job this fall and now he comes home for lunch 4 days a week and it’s surprisingly delightful 🙂 xoxo ERIN

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