Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope you all are celebrating with loved ones and remembering the true reason we have this holiday.

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Linking up with some new friends today, Johannah and Heather, to share my weekend recap.  We had a great weekend together with the highlight being us celebrating our big 9 year old, Emily!

Friday night I didn’t take ANY pictures at all!  I think I must’ve left my phone in the car all evening because I have nothing to prove what we did.

We went to Poplar Bluff that evening and visited with dad for about an hour.  He was having a great evening and kept me laughing.  He definitely hasn’t lost his sense of humor through all of this.

After we left the nursing home we went and ate at Steak N’ Shake.  My mom and Nini ended up joining us and we had a great dinner together.

We got home pretty early and just relaxed the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning started VERY bright and early!  Emily gets SO excited for her birthday and she was up at the crack of dawn yelling all throughout the house that it was her birthday!

We let her open one of her gifts immediately because she just couldn’t wait any longer.


After she opened her gift, we had our traditional birthday pancakes together.  Every year on their birthday I make the girls pancakes shaped out of their new age.  Some ages are easier than others!  9 wasn’t too complicated.


We did a few things around the house and then left after lunch to head to St. Louis for the evening.  Emily was the boss for the day and wanted to go to Sky Zone and then to the American Girl Doll store.

First stop was Sky Zone.  My girls LOVE jumping and this indoor trampoline park is one of our favorites.  We only let the girls jump for 30 minutes this time.  They had a blast until Elizabeth started bleeding because her shirt rubbed a scab off.  We had a mini melt down, but all was okay after I cleaned her up.

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Next stop after SkyZone was the American Girl Doll Store.  Chris’ parents met us up there because that was their gift to Emily.  They let her pick out a new doll and some accessories.  She was in HEAVEN!  After a lot of looking through EVERY inch of the store, Emily decided on Tenny Grant as her new doll.  We had one happy 9 year old!


My broken toe {what trying to save a delivery fee for new furniture will get you} prevented us from doing anything else.  At this point, I was hurting pretty bad.  We ended up eating at Cracker Barrel with Nana and Papa and then headed back home.  Because of storms and having to drive pretty slow at some points, we didn’t get back to Dexter until around 11:00 p.m.  Emily told us when we tucked her into bed that night that it was the best day ever, so that melted my heart and I knew she had a great day.  Made me forget all about my toe pain and I was thankful we were able to take her and let her have a fun day.


Sunday morning we slept in and had a slow start to our morning since we were all pretty wiped out from the day before. Elizabeth woke up with a horrible cough so we were pretty lazy and watched a movie together in the living room.

We had given Elizabeth tons of medicine to help her feel better and after she ate lunch she said she felt well enough to go and visit Papa Tim.  We weren’t going to let her go, but she wasn’t running a fever so figured she would be okay.

Dad was having a really good day when we got there to visit him.  His great buddy, Dave Jordan, had came up from Texas and visited with him.  Mom said dad just giggled and laughed and told stories for a long time with Dave.

Also when we got there, my mom had Emily’s birthday present waiting for her.  It was MORE American Girl doll things!  She got tons of accessories to go with her new doll and immediately opened it all and started playing with it.


When my sister and Matthew arrived to visit we decided to get dad up in his wheelchair and take him outside.

Once we were outside we all visited together and played horseshoes while dad did some of his physical therapy.  Emily was a big help with his therapy and played catch with Papa Tim for a long time.  It was sweet to watch them together.

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We stayed for a few hours visiting dad and then Elizabeth started feeling pretty rough again and coughing horribly, so we decided to head back home.

We thought we would cheer Elizabeth up and stop at Baskin Robbins for a quick treat.  Their ice cream is SO good!


When we got home Elizabeth laid down and took a nap and Emily swam to try her new mermaid tail out.  Chris and I cleaned the deck and then vacuumed the pool when Emily was done swimming.

After Elizabeth woke up and we ate supper we went up to our school and worked out.  Our middle school has a huge gym area that employees are allowed to use so Chris and I are really taking advantage of it this summer.  I have realized I am SO weak since trying to lift weights.  I am not too worried about how toned I get, I just want to be able to lift {on the bench press} about 75-100 pounds without it making my arms feel like jello.  While Chris and I worked out the girls played in the gym.  We ended our work-out together playing basketball.  Well, Chris and the girls did.  My arms felt like jello and I couldn’t move them very well!


Sunday evening I went out on the deck to enjoy the beautiful evening.  I was really wanting to read and have some quiet time, but everyone ended up joining me outside.  We laughed and listened to music together so it was a great end to the day.


Leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  I pray you have a blessed week!  We are hopeful Elizabeth wakes up feeling all better so we can have a fun day together as a family.


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  1. Thanks for linking up with myself and Heather! I am anxious to read more of your blog =) Also, thank you for signing up for our Mom Swap =)
    Your weekend looks like it was a good one. My youngest daughter would love to go to an AG doll store =)

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