Spring Break 2017

Happy Tuesday, friends!  We are finally back to work/school after being off since last Thursday at noon.  We had a wonderful Spring Break together and I feel refreshed to finish 4th quarter out strong!

Thursday after school the girls wanted to go to Wal-Mart and spend some of their money they had.  I only let them take $10 each and they were able to pick out a few new things.  Emily got a slinky and thought that was the best thing ever!



After Wal-Mart we went and ran a few errands around town and then headed home.  When Chris got home from baseball practice, we all watched March Madness together and were just lazy for a little while.  Emma came over and played with Emily for a while and then Emily went and ate supper with Emma and her family.


While Emily was gone, Liz and Chris were playing the piano together and then Liz practiced her recorder for a while.  The house was LOUD!  Chris is so good with his musical abilities and can pretty much hear a song one time and then sit down at the piano and play it by ear.  #jealous

Thursday night after supper it was our weekly Bolin family game night.  I watched the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, so Chris and the girls started to play without me.  When my show was over, I joined in and we had a great evening together playing the card game of GOLF.


Thursday after our game night, Elizabeth was practicing her gymnastics and Chris was being a smart-elic and betting me that I couldn’t do any of the moves.  That turned into Elizabeth trying to teach me how to do a heal stretch and other gymnastics moves.  I learned I am getting old and not as flexible as I once was! Then we all crashed together and watched TV until Chris and Emily fell asleep and I made them all go to bed.


Friday morning Chris went to work at Teen Challenge so the girls and I headed up to Cape for a fun day together.  Our first stop was going to watch Beauty and the Beast.  I had debated on if I should take the girls to see it or not, but they have been looking forward to it since we saw the previews earlier this year.  I also know that the world is changing and even though it’s horrible, homosexual stuff is not going to go away and I want to be the one to teach my girls about it instead of anyone else.  So seeing the movie was a great chance to talk to them about what the Bible says about homosexuality and other sins that God disapproves of.  I also thought the controversy was blown way out of proportion and it wasn’t the first Disney movie to have a gay reference in it.

In the end, I decided to take them to see it, and I was glad that I did!  It was an EXCELLENT movie!  It was very well made and the beast was very real-life looking and the girls jumped at a few parts when he was getting attacked by the wolves.  We definitely gave the movie two thumbs up and can’t wait to buy it to add to our collection.  I also just rolled my eyes at the part that all of the controversy was over.  I was looking through the whole movie waiting for some horrible kissing scene or something like that to happen, and it never did!  It was just a two second clip of LaFu dancing with another man and then the camera goes to a different couple dancing.  My girls didn’t even really pick up on it at all.


After the movie we went to Target and then to the mall.  We tried to find Easter dresses but didn’t have any luck.  We were able to look at bedding stuff because at our new house I am going to let the girls pick out their own bedding and get new decor.  What they have right now they’ve both had for about 6 years and it’s time to get newer “grown-up” bedding.


Target is probably where we will end up buying all of their bedding, but who knows.  We still want to look at JcPenney’s and a few other places before they make their final decision.  After shopping we stopped to get gas and snacks.  I didn’t really feed the girls much of a lunch, but they weren’t that hungry since they had eaten all the popcorn at the movie.  So they just settled with a snack and drink from Rhode’s for the car ride home.


We made it back home in time for me to fix supper.  Emily actually volunteered to fix our baked ravioli while I folded some laundry I had started that morning.  Emily loves to help me around the house, especially in the kitchen!


After supper, we headed to the gym for a night of volleyball.  We had a tri-match between Woodland and Malden.  We ended up winning both of our games!  I was a happy coach!  The girls are getting more aggressive with every game that we play.  They make me proud of how well they compete with the older 5th grade teams.


We didn’t get home from volleyball until about 9:30 and headed straight to bed!  It was a busy day.

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Doniphan for my dad’s benefit fish fry.  A dear friend of my parent’s had it on his heart to organize a benefit dinner for my parents with all of the proceeds going to them.  I can’t even put into words how touched I was to see all of the people come out to support my parents.  From everyone that served the food, the singers that provided the entertainment, and the people that provided things for the auction.  It was such a nice day.  It’s hard to see my parents in a situation where they need the help and I wish I could make it all go away, but I am SO thankful there are loving, Christian people that will step up and help others in need.  My parents were blessed with over $10,500 from that fish fry.  God is so good and definitely takes care of His children.  My dad kept saying over and over how he couldn’t believe all of this was for him.  It was a blessed day, for sure!  A special thanks to Kenneth Moreland and his wife Amy for getting everything together.  There were many others but if I try to list them all I know I will forget someone.

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We left the benefit around 3:00 and then took Elizabeth to Subway.  Emily had stayed and went with my sister and Elizabeth doesn’t like fish very much, so she was starving.


We then drove around Doniphan for a little bit before heading to my sister’s house for the evening.  We were able to spend the whole afternoon and evening at my sister’s house. The kids immediately went and checked out Uncle Matt’s calves.  He had gotten a new one since the last time we were there.  It was a beautiful day so the kids played outside for a while and then came inside and went down in the basement.  They found my sister’s craft boxes and each made their own creations.  It was a mess, but kept them busy!



We ended up staying for dinner time also so Matt and Julie made us breakfast.  It was delicious!  Then after supper the girls got to feed the new calf her bottle!  They loved it and Emily has been asking for a baby calf ever since.  We loved being able to visit with Matt and Julie for the evening.  We don’t get to hang out with them often enough!



We didn’t get back from Doniphan until a little before 11:00!  We were exhausted, but I went to bed with such a happy heart that night.

Sunday morning we were lazy and ended up sleeping in too late to make it to church.  We decided to just let the girls sleep in and not wake them up and they both ended up sleeping until about 9:30.  That morning while everyone else was lazy I cleaned the whole house and caught up on all the laundry.  I also went and got groceries for the week since I didn’t have a chance to Saturday night.

Both girls had friends coming at 2:00 to spend the night, so I made sure I had all of those chores done before then.  While the girls had friends over, they played and played and played.  I was able to sit down and read a WHOLE BOOK and was able to visit with my neighbor for a while.  It was such a nice, relaxing afternoon.  Chris had went up to Cape to move some of his hunting stands and plant some food plots, so he had a great day also.



When it got dark we ate supper, played a game of Sorry, and then rented some movies to watch.  I love when the girls have friends over because they are occupied and have a good time and I am able to have some time to do things I want.  Win/win situation for everyone!


Monday morning started with pancakes and muffins for the girls.  Chris got up early to work at Teen Challenge again so it was just me and the girls.


I didn’t take hardly any pictures on Monday at all. It was SUCH a beautiful day that I went outside and enjoyed reading on my front porch while the girls played.  Their friends went home around noon, we ate lunch, and went back outside and enjoyed the beautiful spring day.  My biggest accomplishment of the day was that both girls showered and washed their hair!  I also painted Emily’s nails for her like she’s been wanting.


Monday  evening we had another tri-match of volleyball so we were at the volleyball gym all evening.  We played against Advance first and beat them, and then played Bell City and lost against them.  It was a great evening of volleyball, though!

FullSizeRender (57)

After we got home from volleyball our friends, the Templemire’s, came over and hung out for a while.  It was a great way to end our spring break!

I’m so thankful for a great spring break spent with family and friends.  We are now officially counting down the days until summer break!  {41 more school days if you are curious}

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday!  It was taken late at night when we were all piled in my bed because I almost forgot!  I pray you have a blessed week.



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