DIY Fire Pit

Last weekend Chris and I built a fire pit for our backyard.

It was super simple to build and we have already used it three times since we built it.

I thought I’d share with you what we did in case you are thinking of building one as well.

We went to our local home and garden store and purchased 30 retaining wall bricks, a bag of sand, a bag of pea gravel, and a bag of lava rock. Everything was around $75.

We first laid out where we wanted to make the fire pit.

Then we dug into the ground around the bricks so we knew where our circle would be.

Next, we dug the grass out only about an inch or so deep.

Emily was such a big help!

The next step was to put a bag of sand down to help absorb moisture and to level the ground out.

We were finally able to lay our first level of bricks! We made sure they were as level as possible, but didn’t stress too much about it being perfect.

Then came the second level.

And finally the third level. It was super easy to stack the bricks on top of each other!

We added a bag of pea gravel.

And then a bag of lava rock.

Ta-da! All ready for firewood and a fire!

We made a fire immediately and enjoyed the evening together!

We were able to build this in about 30 minutes. I promise, if we can do it, you can do it!

It’s not perfect, but it serves its’ purpose and we love having it in our backyard to enjoy the cool fall nights. I know it will get lots of use!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Oh my gosh, it looks great! Good work, Bolin Bunch!!! You are going to love sitting around that in the evenings when you can.

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