Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hi, friends! Happy Monday. I feel like the weekends fly by!

Did you all catch The Oscars last night? Specifically Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performance? I loved it!

Linking up with some of my favorite girls, Heather, Johannah, Tanya, and Lindsay, today to share our weekend.

Friday night I had volleyball practice with my MS girls until 5:00. Right when it was over Liz and I loaded the car up and headed to St. Louis.

A friend rode with us since her parents couldn’t leave until later, so it was a fun trip!

When we made it to the hotel the girls swam, played cards, and “worked” out in the gym.

Saturday was another full day of volleyball. Liz’s team went to the silver bracket, but lost their first game in the tournament again. #maybenextweekend

While I was in St. Louis with Liz, Chris stayed back with Emily because she had her first ever music recital!

She received a superior rating on all the songs she sang! She was nervous, but did so well!

We are so proud of her and realize what courage it takes to stand in front of a big crowd and get judged on her vocals.

Saturday after Liz’s volleyball tournament I took her and a few friends to the trampoline park and then out to eat supper. We didn’t get home until LATE but it was worth it!

Sunday was a pretty laid back day for us. After church, Liz went with some friends to watch a play (Sister Act) at our local college.

Their leader from DNOW was in the play so they wanted to go and support her.

Chris went and helped his dad at the thrift store and I had volleyball practice for Emily’s team.

They have their first tournament this weekend and I can’t wait to see how they do!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday. I need to remember to take them in the morning instead of right when we are headed to bed!

I pray you have a blessed week!

12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I love your selfie Sundays. What a busy but fun weekend. Emily looks so pretty before her concert. Maddi has her first choir performance competition coming up very soon and is a little nervous already. What a fun weekend!

  2. I think that Sunday selfie is one of my favorites ever! So cute! What a fun weekend and way to go, Emily with the performance. Jack has done some choir contests were you go into a room and stand behind a screen to sing. You can’t see the judges, and they can’t see you. That would make me nervous! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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