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December Monthly Goals

Happy Sunday!

We are enjoying our last day in Branson before heading back home this evening. We’ve had such a great time!

I want to share my December monthly goals with you today.

Here’s a look back on my November goals:

  • Order cap and gown for graduation- ✅ DONE- I pick it up in a few days! It is finally feeling real that I’m going to graduate with my Master’s Degree! It’s been a long 18 months!
  • Start Christmas shopping- ✅ DONE- I am actually almost completely done!
  • Moonlight Madness- ✅ Cassie and I had such a great evening together.
  • Find a new, WARM coat for me- No luck! I’m so picky. I’ve been wearing my same black one from 6 years ago.
  • Get Liz’s birthday plans finalized- ✅ We are going to have a whole “LLAMA” fun!
  • Have Julie make Diaversary shirts for us-We have decided what we want them to say, I just need to order the materials to make them.
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving with loved ones- ✅ We had a great time in Springfield with Chris’s family.
  • Here are my December goals:
    • Enjoy the holiday season!

    That is my only goal! I want to enjoy every minute of this busy season with my family, so I’m keeping my goals real simple this month!


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    1. Keep it simple during the crazy holiday time is the secret to success! Love that you were such a goal-getter last month, and I can’t wait to keep up with your sweet fam this month!

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